2014 English Special Provisions to Special Specifications for Dallas - District 18 (All)

SP6029-002  PDF  RTF  Radar Vehicle Sensing Device - Adds vehicle direction in the sensor calibration, requires speed data to be accurate within 5 mph for 90% of the measurements, and requires vehicle direction to be accurate for 90% of detected wrong-way vehicles. Approved for use in CSJ 0914-00-366, 0015-13-380, 0015-13-382, 0902-90-048, 0914-00-391, 0015-10-060. Districtwide Use.
SP6010-001  PDF  RTF  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Field Equipment - Removed all analog components of existing Special Specification 6010 and replaced with the latest digital requirements for CCTV cameras. Required for Construction projects in the Dallas and Fort Worth District's, using Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Field Equipment. Districtwide Use.

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