2014 English Special Provisions to Item 006 - CONTROL OF MATERIALS (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SP006-030  PDF  RTF   - Updates Buy America Language to meet requirements of the Build America Buy America Act included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Required on all Federal projects, beginning with November 2022 letting. Change ordering this SP into existing contracts is not required. This SP replaces SP006-001 for Federal Aided projects only. SP006-001 for Non-Federal Aided projects remains required. Statewide Use.
SP006-013  PDF  RTF   - Voids and replaces Article 6.10., ''Hazardous Materials,'' requiring the Contractor to remove hazardous materials on the project. May be used in place of 006-012. Should only be used for specialty contracts to remove or abate asbestos. This SP will also work for lead abatement or removal contracts. Do Not include this SP in general CST and MNT contracts. Statewide Use.
SP006-012  PDF  RTF   - Voids and replaces Standard Article 6.10., ''Hazardous Materials, informing the Contractor that TxDOT will abate lead or asbestos separately from the prime contract. Required on all projects beginning with the August 2018 letting except when 006-013 is used. Change Memo de-05-18. Statewide Use.
SP006-001  PDF  RTF   - Allows contractors the option to choose either the Department or a Department-selected Commercial Lab for conducting the subset of project-level sampling and testing. (2004 SP 006-047). Required on all projects beginning with the November 2014 letting. Contractors choosing Department-selected Commercial Labs will reimburse the Department through a reduction in the monthly progress payment. Statewide Use.

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