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Consultant Certification Information System Password Help

Changing Your Password

At the 'Welcome To The Consultant Certification Information System' login screen:

  1. Enter Your Userid: Type in your User ID here.
  2. Enter Current Password: Type in your current password.
  3. Enter New Password: Enter a new password. It must be 8 characters in length.
  4. Re-Enter New Password: Re-enter your new password.
  5. Click the 'Enter the System' button: Another window will pop up stating "Your Password has been changed, please click 'Enter The System' ".
  6. Click 'Enter The System' button again.

Possible reason's your new password was not accepted:
  1. Typo when re-entering New Password.
  2. Password restriction, certain letter combinations, certain symbols are not allowed.

Your user I.D. never changes so, keep a record of it.

 Password Guidelines:

1)     The system will send you an automated email remider when your password is within 10 days of expiring.

2)     Passwords must have one alpha character and one number in them.

3)     Passwords cannot begin with the number.

4)     Must be exactly 8 characters in length.

5)     No double letters/numbers or consecutive letters/numbers like zz, aa, 123, abc, 00, 321.

6)     No symbols in them.

7)     Passwords must be unique. They can NOT be a password you used in the past or too similar to a past password.

 Examples of valid Passwords:

nuclear9, turtle39, orange47, red2blue, astros4x, imhoia2m


Password Standards -- Quick Reference
Last Updated 01/26/04

Reserved Words

The words and character string prefixes shown below cannot be used as mainframe passwords:

Reserved Word List

jan feb mar apr
may jun jul aug
sep oct nov dec
1234 abcd adabas default
demo guest lotus pass
roscoe roscp sdhpt system
test txdot valid vtam

For example:  Jane, janitor, and January are not allowed; injaneous and innovate are allowed.


Guidelines for Effective Passwords

To be effective, your password should not be:

  • Your name, your nickname, or the name of a family member or pet
  • Your birthday or any family member's birthday
  • A cultural word (hacker, Batman, flash) or a geographical  (Lubbock, Beaumont) word
  • A dictionary word (mackerel, dandilion, millionaire)
  • A foreign word (sayonara, tortilla)
  • A keyboard sequence (qwerty, zxcvbn)
  • A very short word (dog, cat, hi, me, love)
  • Words with vowels removed (cntrntllgnc, sbtrctn)
  • Phone numbers
  • Numbers substituted for letters (2morrow, all4one)
  • A password you are using on another system such as a bank pin
  • A bible verse or chapter

Here are some ways to create passwords that are hard to guess but easy to remember:

Password Creation Guidlines



Interspersed with symbols (&^$%#@!~`"':;<,>) Yr$-&9
Use a mixture of capital and lowercase letters GfdO4r
Make "Pass phrases" Ydwto#town for "Yankee doodle went to town"
Use expressions IlpinST for "I love paris in the springtime"
Use foods ricNraiPuding for "rice and raisin pudding"
Use transliterations foTOgrafik for "photographic"
Synonym substitution jaVa@Rest for "coffee break"
Antonym substitution starTdarK for stoplight


Quick Reference Chart

This chart summarizes standards and other useful information about passwords.

Type Length
Character Set Interval Source History Threshold Change Process Forgotten Password Contact Additional Information
CCIS 8 A-Z, 0-9, and @, #, $ Every 90 days User 3 3 failed attempts suspends UserID CCIS Sign On Page John Anhaiser (see below)  

* Local procedures will determine the appropriate contact

Alternate Password and User ID Help Only

Precertification and Password/User ID Help

Paula McGinley
PEPS Division
PEPS Division
Phone: (512) 416-2218
E-mail: paula.mcginley@txdot.gov

Andy Juarez
PEPS Division
PEPS Division
Phone: (512) 416-2315
E-mail: andy.juarez@txdot.gov

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