Consultant Services - Consultant Precertification

Consultant Precertification for TxDOT
Architectural, Engineering and Surveying Services Precertification Process

small blue bulletPrecertification General Information

small blue bulletCCIS Online System  
Accessing the Consultant Certification Information System (CCIS) online will allow you to review and/or update information currently within the system.

small blue bulletNew to TxDOT
For firms who have never been precertified with TxDOT before.

small blue bulletPDCSystem Precertification - Precertification Data Collection System
For precertified firms who currently use the PDCSystem and wish to continue using it.  See also Equipment Type Codes, Precertification Requirements by Work Category and Personnel Certification Type Codes

Reference Materials:

small blue bulletTxDOT Working Categories - Precertification requirements by work category

small blue bulletPrecertification Frequently Asked Questions

small blue bulletAccess the CCIS Online System - For firms who have already obtained a User ID for the system.

small blue bulletPrecertified Firms by Work Category Report - Generate a report sorted by selected work category

small blue bulletPrecertified Firms - Alphabetical listing of precertified firms (sorted by firm name)

small blue bulletTxDOT Working Categories - Summary