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TxDOT Working Categories
Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) precertifies providers and subproviders in the following working categories. These categories are:
1.1.1 Policy Planning
1.2.1 Systems Planning
1.3.1 Subarea/Corridor Planning
1.4.1 Land Planning/Engineering
1.5.1 Feasibility Studies
1.6.1 Major Investment Studies
1.7.1 Traffic Demand Modeling
1.8.1 Public Involvement
1.9.1 Geographic Information System (GIS) and Data Analysis
2.1.1 Traffic Noise Analysis
2.2.1 Air Quality Analysis
2.3.1 Wetland Delineation
2.3.2 Conditional/Functional Assessment
2.4.1 Nationwide Permit
2.4.2 Clean Water Act Sec. 404 Permits
2.4.3 U.S. Coast G. & U.S. Army Corps Of Engr. Permits
2.5.1 Geological Assessment for Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone
2.6.1 Protected Species Determination (Habitat) (RETIRED CATEGORY)
2.6.2 Impact Evaluation Assessments (RETIRED CATEGORY)
2.6.3 Biological Surveys (RETIRED CATEGORY)
2.6.4 Biological Evaluations/Assessments (RETIRED CATEGORY)
2.6.5 Protected Species Evaluations
2.6.6 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)/ National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Consultation
2.7.1 Sec. 4(F) and 6(F) Evaluations
2.7.2 Historic Sites Sec. 4(f) Evaluations
2.8.1 Surveys, Res. & Doc. Of Historic Build, Struct. And Objects (RETIRED CATEGORY)
2.9.1 Historic Architecture (RETIRED CATEGORY)
2.10.1 Archaeological Surveys, Doc., Excavation, Testing Rpts
2.11.1 Historical And Archival Research (RETIRED CATEGORY)
2.12.1 Socio-Economic And Environmental Justice Analyses
2.13.1 Hazardous Materials Initial Site Assessment
2.14.1 Environmental Document Preparation
2.15.1 Historical Research of Extant Bldgs, Struct, Landsc., & Obj.
2.15.2 Historical Surveys & Doc. of Bldgs, Struct, Landsc., & Obj.
3.1.1 Route Studies & Schematic Design - Minor Roadways (RETIRED CATEGORY)
3.2.1 Route Studies & Schematic Design
3.3.1 Route Studies & Schematic Design - Complex Highways (RETIRED CATEGORY)
3.4.1 Minor Bridge Layouts (RETIRED CATEGORY)
3.5.1 Major Bridge Layouts (RETIRED CATEGORY)
3.6.1 Multi-Level Interchange And Exotic Bridge Layout (RETIRED CATEGORY)
3.7.1 Traffic Operational Analysis
4.1.1 Minor Roadway Design (RETIRED CATEGORY)
4.2.1 Roadway Design
4.3.1 Complex Highway Design (RETIRED CATEGORY)
4.4.1 Freeway Interchanges
4.5.1 Constructability Review
4.6.1 3-D Visualization and Animation Services
4.7.1 Traffic Safety Analysis
5.1.1 Minor Bridge Design (RETIRED CATEGORY)
5.2.1 Bridge Design
5.3.1 Multi-Level Interchange Design
5.4.1 Exotic Bridge Design (RETIRED CATEGORY)
5.5.1 Bridge & Non-Bridge Class Culvert and Inlet Design
5.6.1 Structural Engineering for Overhead Sign Supports
6.1.1 Routine Bridge Inspection Team Leader
6.1.2 Routine Bridge Inspection Project Manager
6.2.1 Complex Bridge Inspection Team Leader
6.2.2 Complex Bridge Inspection Project Manager
6.3.1 Tunnel Inspection Team Leader
6.3.2 Tunnel Inspection Project Manager
6.4.1 Underwater Bridge Inspection Team Leader
6.5.1 Non-Destructive Testing
6.5.2 Non-Destructive Testing for Common and Specialized Structures
6.6.1 Assessment and Preservation of Common Bridge Types
6.6.2 Assessment and Preservation of Specialized Structures
7.1.1 Traffic Engineering Studies
7.2.1 Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Studies (RETIRED CATEGORY)
7.3.1 Traffic Signal Timing
7.4.1 Traffic Control Systems Analysis, Design And Implementation
7.5.1 Intelligent Transportation Systems
8.1.1 Signing, Pavement Marking, And Channelization
8.2.1 Illumination
8.3.1 Signalization
8.4.1 ITS Control Systems Analysis, Design & Implementation
8.5.1 Highway-Rail Grade Crossings (RETIRED CATEGORY)
8.6.1 Rail-Highway Design
9.1.1 Bicycle And Pedestrian Facility Development (RETIRED CATEGORY)
9.2.1 Active Transportation Planning
9.3.1 Pedestrian Facility Design
9.3.2 Accessibility Design
9.4.1 Bikeway Design
10.1.1 Hydrologic Studies
10.2.1 Roadway Hydraulic Design
10.3.1 Bridge Hydraulic Design
10.4.1 Storm Water Pump Stations Hydraulic Design
10.4.2 Pump Stations-Electrical
10.4.3 Pump Stations-Structures
10.5.1 Bridge Scour Evaluations And Analysis
10.6.1 Coastal Hydraulic Design
10.7.1 Riverine Hydraulic Design
10.8.1 FEMA Regulations and Permits
11.1.1 Roadway Construction Management And Inspection
11.2.1 Bridge Construction Management And Inspection
11.3.1 Construction Superintendent
11.4.1 Environmental Inspections
11.5.1 Construction Scheduling Project Manager
11.6.1 Construction Schedule Support- General
11.7.1 Construct. Schedule Support- Sched. Of Roadway Design
11.8.1 Constr. Sched. Support- Sched. Of Bridge & Interchange Proj
11.9.1 Railroad Coordination Management During Construction
11.10.1 Construction Record Keeper
12.1.1 Asphaltic Concrete Production
12.1.2 Portland Cement Concrete
12.1.3 Materials Engineering
12.1.4 Asphaltic Concrete Placement
12.1.5 Portland Cement Concrete Placement
12.1.6 Embankment/Subgrade/Backfill/Base Production
12.1.7 Embankment/Subgrade/Backfill/Base Placement
12.2.1 Concrete Plant Inspection And Testing
12.2.2 Prefabricated Structural Materials Fabrication Plant Inspection and Testing
12.2.3 Precast Concrete Fabrication Plant Inspection and Testing Technician
12.2.4 Structural Steel Fabrication Plant Inspection and Testing Technician
12.2.5 Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Plant Inspection and Testing
12.3.1 Coatings Inspection and Material Testing Project Manager (RETIRED CATEGORY)
12.3.2 Coatings Inspection and Material Testing Task Leader (RETIRED CATEGORY)
12.3.3 Coatings Inspection Task Leader
12.3.4 Materials Testing Task Leader
12.3.5 Cathodic Protection Task Leader
12.4.1 Pavement Design Services
12.5.1 Pavement Evaluation
13.1.1 Rail Route and Design Studies
13.2.1 Rail Infrastructure Analysis
13.3.1 Rail Infrastructure Project Development
13.4.1 Rail Traffic Management Systems
13.5.1 Rail Construction Management
14.1.1 Soil Exploration
14.2.1 Geotechnical Testing
14.3.1 Transportation Foundation Studies
14.4.1 Building Foundation Studies
14.5.1 Evaluation & Design of Geotechnical Related Structures
15.1.1 Right of Way Surveys
15.1.2 Parcel Plats (RETIRED CATEGORY)
15.1.3 Legal Descriptions (RETIRED CATEGORY)
15.1.4 Right Of Way Maps (RETIRED CATEGORY)
15.2.1 Design Survey
15.2.2 Construction Survey
15.3.1 Aerial Photogrammetry
15.3.2 Terrestrial Photogrammetry
15.3.3 Terrestrial LiDAR
15.3.4 Mobile LiDAR
15.3.5 Horizontal and Vertical Control
15.3.6 Airborne LiDAR
15.4.1 Horizontal And Vertical Control For Aerial Mapping (RETIRED CATEGORY)
15.5.1 State Land Surveying
16.1.1 Architecture
16.2.1 Building and Facilities Architecture
16.3.1 Landscape Architecture
16.4.1 Interior Design
17.1.1 Structural Engineering
17.2.1 Mechanical Engineering
17.3.1 Plumbing Engineering
17.4.1 Electrical Engineering
17.4.2 Telecommunication and Data Network Design
17.5.1 Civil Engineering
17.6.1 Hazardous Building Materials Assessment (Asbestos)
17.6.2 Hazardous Building Materials Assessment (Lead)
18.1.1 Value Engineering (RETIRED CATEGORY)
18.2.1 Subsurface Utility Engineering (Utility Eng. Investigation)
18.3.1 Utility Adjustment Coordination
18.4.1 Utility Engineering
18.5.1 Utility Construction Management and Verification
18.6.1 Utility Management & Coordination Oversight
19.1.1 Value Engineering (RETIRED CATEGORY)
19.2.1 Value Engineering
19.3.1 Financial Plan Review and Development (Design-Bid-Build)
20.1.1 Ferry Vessel Analysis
20.2.1 Structural Engineering for Buildings
20.3.1 Civil Engineering for Buildings
20.4.1 Electrical Engineering for Buildings
20.5.1 Plumbing Engineering for Buildings
20.6.1 Hydrodynamic Modeling
20.7.1 Hydrographic Survey
21.1.1 Right of Way (ROW) Acquisition Services
21.2.1 Right of Way (ROW) Acquisition Services Project Management
21.3.1 Right of Way (ROW) Appraisal Services
21.4.1 Right of Way (ROW) Negotiation Services
21.5.1 Relocation Assistance Services
21.6.1 Condemnation Support Services
21.7.1 Disposal of Property Services
22.1.1 Owner Verification Testing and Inspection-Project Manager
22.2.1 Chief Inspector
22.3.1 Owner Verification b Laboratory Manager
22.4.1 QA/QC Process Verification for OVTI
23.1.1 Alternative Delivery Procurement Manager
23.2.1 Alternative Delivery Design & Construction Support Engineer
23.3.1 Operations and Maintenance Support
23.4.1 Debt-based and Equity- based Traffic and Revenue Studies (Engineering)
23.4.2 Debt-based and Equity- based Traffic and Revenue Studies (Planning)
23.4.3 Debt-based and Equity-based Traffic and Revenue Studies (Modeling and Forecasting)
23.4.4 Traffic Projections
23.4.5 Debt-based and Equity- based Traffic and Revenue Studies (Management)
23.5.1 Alternative Delivery Cost Estimator
23.6.1 Document Control Using the Electronic Content Management System (ECMS)
23.7.1 Project Finance Support
23.8.1 Claims Analysis and Management
23.9.1 General Engineering Consultant (GEC) Project Services (Contract Project Manager)
23.10.1 Public Involvement for Alternative Delivery Projects
23.11.1 Plan Review
23.12.1 QA/QC Process Verification
23.13.1 Project Office Operations
24.1.1 Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Project Manager (PM)
24.2.1 Financial Plan Review and Development
24.3.1 Maintenance Cost Estimating
24.4.1 Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Assessment
24.4.2 Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Inspection
24.5.1 Operations and Maintenance Program Support
24.6.1 Structural Inspection and Assessment
24.6.2 Toll Elements Inspection and Assessment
24.6.3 Toll Facilities Inspection and Assessment
24.7.1 Toll Plaza Design
24.8.1 Toll Plaza Construction Management
24.8.2 Toll Plaza System Inspection
24.9.1 Toll Traffic Impacts-Engineering Analysis
24.9.2 Toll Traffic Impacts-Planning Analysis
24.10.1 Toll Operations Planning Analysis
24.10.2 Toll Operations Data Analysis

Updated: April 20, 2022

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