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Qualification Test Code: QLF190
Skills Test Code: MNT190

Contracted Qualification Test

A = Acceptable      U = Unacceptable      C = Comments

Given an operational pneumatic roller, the candidate will perform the following tasks:

A. Preventive Maintenance: The candidate correctly:

_____1. Checked fluid levels cold check.
_____2. Checked air cleaner system serviced if required.
_____3. Checked tire pressures adjusted to required pressure.
_____4. Inspected tires for cuts/wear/proper mounting.
_____5. Inspected all components of machine.
_____6. Lubricated machine.
_____7. Inspected hydraulic lines and connections.
_____8. Mounted machine safely.
_____9. Started engine verified fluid levels and correct gauge readings.
_____10. Operated controls to warm-up fluids.
_____11. Checked the water sprinkler and spray system.
_____12. Checked the condition of the pads.
_____13. Checked lights.
_____14. Checked steering and brakes.
_____15. Checked all safety items.

Comments: ____________________________________________________________




B. Roading Machine: The candidate correctly:

_____1. Checked brakes.
_____2. Checked lights.
_____3. Checked vehicle slow moving emblem in place and visible.
_____4. Checked working beacon light.
_____5. Used appropriate gear and speed.
_____6. Maintained control of roller during roading operation.
_____7. Made safe turns and remained in correct lane.
_____8. Wore seat belt.


C. Roller Operation: The candidate correctly:

_____1. Used correct speed for rolling area.
_____2. Used proper rolling techniques for rolling an area.
_____3. Used the water sprinkler system when required.
_____4. Used the water spray system when required.
_____5. Lapped each roll according to requirements.
_____6. Moved roller off the area and re-entered the area.
_____7. Wore seat belt.

Comments: ____________________________________________________________




D. Parking the Roller: The candidate correctly:

_____1. Moved roller to a safe and level parking place.
_____2. Placed the transmission in neutral.
_____3. Set the brakes.
_____4. Blocked the wheels.
_____5. Cooled the engine before shutting off.
_____6. Drained the water sprinkler/spray system.
_____7. Cleaned the unit of built-up material.
_____8.Wore seat belt.

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