State Let Construction Contracts January, 2024

Last Update: Monday, January 08, 2024

Bid Tabulations Dashboard

Use this interactive Tableau dashboard to display bidding information on projects let through statewide and local district letting for the past 24 months.

The Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD), the Electronic Bidding System, and the project proposal are the official sources of advertisement and bidding information for the State and Local Lettings. Bidders should bid the project using the information found therein, including any addenda. These sources take precedence over information from other sources, including TxDOT webpages, which are unofficial and intended for informational purposes only.

Proposal Information

• Click the PDF icon for an informational proposal. The informational proposal cannot be used to bid.

Contractors prequalified under the BIDDER'S QUESTIONNAIRE are eligible to bid ONLY on waived(W) contracts.
*F = Federal, W = Waived, M = Materials
Bastrop0265-03-053SH 71PDF Icon7,360
Bexar2708-01-033FM 2696FPDF Icon1,024
Brewster0358-02-031SH 118PDF Icon6,144
Brown0054-07-090US 67PDF Icon9,592
Cameron0220-05-080SH 48FPDF Icon5,831
Cameron1137-02-042SL 499PDF Icon8,427
Cass0218-03-094US 59PDF Icon8,404
Cass0919-00-085VAPDF Icon2,155
Chambers0508-02-129IH 10PDF Icon2,629
Childress0925-00-080VAPDF Icon1,496
Childress0925-00-093VAPDF Icon1,804
Coleman0054-03-027US 84PDF Icon16,228
Collin0047-14-053US 75FPDF Icon96,192
Colorado0266-02-070SH 71FPDF Icon8,619
Culberson0003-01-064IH 10FPDF Icon27,260
Dallas0092-14-108IH 45PDF Icon3,433
Dallas0092-02-135IH 45FPDF Icon7,581
De Witt0913-17-046CRFPDF Icon3,691
Deaf Smith0168-05-043US 60PDF Icon2,170
Denton0196-01-118IH 35EPDF Icon13,053
El Paso2121-02-178IH 10FPDF Icon6,180
El Paso0002-02-059SH 20FPDF Icon2,077
Fayette0211-06-059US 77FPDF Icon128,169
Fort Bend0027-08-182UA 90PDF Icon752
Franklin0189-05-051SH 37PDF Icon13,723
Frio0017-06-086IH 35PDF Icon13,607
Galveston0976-03-109FM 518FPDF Icon17,594
Galveston0912-73-232VAPDF Icon1,286
Gonzales0287-03-034SH 80PDF Icon47,110
Gregg0392-03-053US 259PDF Icon4,146
Hardeman0043-04-083US 287FPDF Icon9,300
Harris0028-01-105BU 90-UPDF Icon9,806
Harris0028-02-099US 90PDF Icon10,982
Harris0912-72-749VAPDF Icon2,643
Harris0912-00-698VAFPDF Icon1,557
Hays3210-01-020FM 2770WPDF Icon261
Hays1197-01-025RM 150PDF Icon1,094
Henderson0108-03-044SH 19WFPDF Icon157
Hidalgo1803-02-035FM 1925FPDF Icon8,538
Hill3030-01-010FM 2959PDF Icon12,787
Hill0418-02-035SH 171PDF Icon12,006
Houston0118-02-036SH 21FPDF Icon13,754
Howard0693-01-034SH 350PDF Icon19,678
Hudspeth0002-04-035SH 20FPDF Icon3,761
Hunt0173-07-063SH 34FPDF Icon5,223
Jefferson0306-03-138SH 87PDF Icon5,854
Jim Wells0383-03-024SH 141PDF Icon26,689
Johnson0902-50-143VAFPDF Icon798
Kendall0142-06-029SH 27PDF Icon5,101
Leon3282-01-008FM 745FPDF Icon682
Lubbock0905-06-126CSFPDF Icon251
McLennan0909-22-197CSFPDF Icon681
Midland0906-32-050CSFPDF Icon3,858
Midland1188-02-118SL 250PDF Icon1,452
Mills0054-08-027US 84PDF Icon13,906
Montgomery0912-37-252VAPDF Icon1,261
Morris0010-08-060US 67FPDF Icon3,311
Nolan0006-15-038SH 70FPDF Icon4,579
Potter0904-00-232US 60FPDF Icon1,213
Presidio7124-01-006CRFPDF Icon26,631
Presidio0020-08-048US 67PDF Icon13,041
Robertson0049-07-069US 79FPDF Icon931
Rusk0206-07-059US 79PDF Icon4,458
San Patricio0101-04-131US 181FPDF Icon15,565
Scurry2189-01-020FM 1673FPDF Icon5,588
Scurry0296-01-039US 180FPDF Icon3,166
Shackelford1031-05-018FM 576FPDF Icon2,393
Smith0910-00-137VAFPDF Icon1,775
Somervell0259-03-061US 67FPDF Icon479
Starr0038-07-078US 83FPDF Icon7,616
Throckmorton0284-02-027SH 79PDF Icon6,979
Titus0248-01-082SH 49FPDF Icon3,109
Tom Green0907-24-053CSWFPDF Icon110
Tom Green0070-02-099US 87FPDF Icon5,033
Tom Green0069-07-111US 87FPDF Icon732
Travis2718-01-015RM 2769PDF Icon2,597
Travis0113-13-184US 290PDF Icon2,121
Travis0914-00-459VAFPDF Icon1,298
Tyler0213-06-041US 190FPDF Icon8,132
Victoria0088-05-110US 59FPDF Icon1,885
Victoria0371-01-090US 77FPDF Icon10,129
Waller0523-02-051FM 362PDF Icon4,339
Webb2150-04-087FM 1472FPDF Icon697
Wichita0156-12-020SS 447FPDF Icon2,189
Williamson0986-01-046FM 619FPDF Icon1,318
Williamson0015-08-431IH 35PDF Icon6,485
Wilson0366-04-027SH 123FPDF Icon42,572
Wood0203-05-047US 69PDF Icon9,303
Yoakum0297-01-014US 380PDF Icon5,000