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Last Update: Thursday, June 06, 2024

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Revised May 30, 2024
Memorandums of Issued/Revised Standards
DateSubjectFile Name
May 30, 2024Revisions to [Large] Sign Mounting Details, SMD(2)-24; Summary of Large Signs, SOLS; and Related Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo5-30-24.pdf
February 22, 2024Revisions to High Mast Illumination Details Standard Sheets, HMID-24PDF Icon memo2-22-24.pdf
October 9, 2023Revisions to City Pride Sign Standard Sheets, SMD(CPS)-23PDF Icon memo10-09-23.pdf
September 13, 2023Centerline Buffer Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo9-13-23.pdf
May 26, 2023Revised: Standards compatible in both SS10 and Connect EditionPDF Icon memo5-26-23.pdf
April 11, 2023Revisions to TCP(2-3)-23, TCP(2-7)-23, & TCP(2-8)-23 Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo4-11-23.pdf
February 14, 2023Revisions to Texas Super 2 Passing Lanes Standard Sheets, TS2(PL)-23 PDF Icon memo2-14-23.pdf
February 7, 2023Revisions to Work Zone Short Term Pavement Markings Standard Sheet, WZ(STPM)-23PDF Icon memo2-7-23-1.pdf
February 7, 2023Revisions to Contrast and Shadow Pavement Markings Standard Sheet, CPM(1)-23PDF Icon memo2-7-23-2.pdf
February 2, 2023Revisions to Rumble Strip Standard Sheets, RS-23PDF Icon memo2-2-23.pdf
December 6, 2022Revisions to Pavement Marking Standard Sheets, PM-22PDF Icon memo12-6-22.pdf
November 17, 2022Revisions to Railroad Crossing Details Standard Sheets, RCD-22PDF Icon memo11-17-22.pdf
October 31, 2022Revisions to ITS Ground Box Details Type 1 with Steel Cover (1 of 2), ITS(37)-22PDF Icon memo10-31-22.pdf
October 27, 2022Revisions to the Traffic Control Plan Seal Coat Operations Standard Sheets, TCP(SC)-22PDF Icon memo10-27-22.pdf
October 21, 2022Revisions to the Freeway Pavement Markings Standard Sheets, FPM-22PDF Icon memo10-21-22.pdf
October 12, 2022Revisions to the Monotube Sign Structure (Cantilever) MC-22 and (Span) MS-22 Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo10-12-22.pdf
October 10, 2022Revisions to the Temporary Large Sign Covering Standard Detail Sheet, TS-CD-22PDF Icon memo10-10-22.pdf
May 20, 2022Revisions to ITS Conduit Hanger Standards Standard ITS(29)-22PDF Icon memo5-20-22.pdf
March 18, 2022Revisions to Crosswalk Pavement Marking Standard PM(4)-22PDF Icon memo3-18-22.pdf
January 18, 2022Revisions to Temporary Rumble Strips Standard WZ(RS)-22PDF Icon memo1-18-22.pdf
September 22, 2021Revisions to Treatment For Various Edge Conditions Standard Sheet PDF Icon memo9-22-21.pdf
August 6, 2021Revisions for HOSB-Z1-21, OBST-21, COSS & OSB-SZ-21, HCOSS-Z1-21, and COSF-21 Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo8-6-21.pdf
July 23, 2021Pavement Markings and Signing for Accessible Parking PM(AP)-21 Standard SheetPDF Icon memo7-23-21.pdf
May 20, 2021Revisions to Barricade and Construction Standard Sheets (BC-21)PDF Icon memo5-20-21.pdf
April 22, 2021Proposed Seal Coat Operations (TCP(SC)-21) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo4-22-21.pdf
February 24, 2021DMS-to-Truss Mounting with Horizontal Zee Extrusions (DMS(HZ)-21) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo2-24-21.pdf
February 10, 2021Revisions to Traffic Signal Controller Cabinet (TS-CF-21) Standard SheetPDF Icon memo2-10-21.pdf
January 11, 2021Roadside Equipment (RSE) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo1-11-21.pdf
December 15, 2020Revisions to Roadway Illumination Details (RID) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo12-15-20.pdf
November 4, 2020Revisions to U.S. Border Patrol Inspection Station Signing StandardsPDF Icon memo11-4-20.pdf
July 20, 2020Revisions to Delineator & Object Marker (D&OM) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo7-20-20.pdf
June 25, 2020Traffic Signal Backplate with Reflective Border Standard Details (TS-BP-20)PDF Icon memo6-25-20.pdf
June 24, 2020Revisions to Pavement Marking (PM) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo6-24-20.pdf
December 5, 2019Revisions to Roadway Illumination Poles (RIP) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo12-5-19-1.pdf
December 5, 2019Temporary Large Sign Covering Standard Detail Sheet (TS-CD)PDF Icon memo12-5-19-2.pdf
September 26, 2019Revisions to Freeway Pavement Marking (FPM) Standard Detail SheetsPDF Icon memo9-26-19.pdf
September 19, 2019Revisions to Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Inspection Station Signing Standard Detail SheetsPDF Icon memo9-19-19.pdf
February 11, 2019Work Zone Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Standard Sheets - Temporary Queue Detection Systems (WZ-ITS(1)-19, WZ-ITS(2)-19 and WZ-ITS(3)-19) PDF Icon memo2-11-19.pdf
April 30, 2018Revised Mobile Operations Herbicide Truck Operations Standard Sheet TCP(3-5)-18PDF Icon memo4-30-18.pdf
March 16, 2018Revision of Texas Super 2 (TS2) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo3-16-18-1.pdf
February 26, 2018Revision of Traffic Control Plan (TCP) Standard Sheets: TCP 1-Series, TCP 2-Series and TCP 5-1PDF Icon memo2-26-18.pdf
July 24, 2017Revision of Roadway Illumintion Details (RID) and Roadway Illumination Poles (RIP)PDF Icon memo7-24-17-1.pdf
July 24, 2017Re-Issue of ITS Pole Grounding Details ITS(19)-17 Standard SheetPDF Icon memo7-24-17-2.pdf
May 25, 2017Temporary Large Roadside Signs Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo5-31-17-1.pdf
May 25, 2017Re-Issue of ITS Ground Box Details (ITS(38)-16 & ITS(40)-16) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo5-31-17-2.pdf
February 7, 2017Revision of Traffic Control Plan Typical Details Standard Sheet WZ(TD)-17PDF Icon memo2-7-17.pdf
August 16, 2016Revised Standard Sheets for High Mast Illumination Poles (HMIP(1)-16 and HMIP(2)-16)PDF Icon memo8-16-16.pdf
June 27, 2016Standard Sheets for Mounting Dynamic Message Signs to OSB and COSS Trusses [DMS(TM-1)-16, DMS(TM-2)-16, DMS(TM-3)-16]PDF Icon memo6-27-16.pdf
April 11, 2016Revision of Work Zone Temporary Rumble Strips (WZ(RS)-16) Standard SheetPDF Icon memo4-11-16.pdf
April 5, 2016Re-Issue of ITS Pole Foundation Details (ITS(3)-16) Standard SheetPDF Icon memo4-5-16.pdf
February 25, 2016Railroad Crossing Detail (RCD) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo2-25-16.pdf
February 23, 2016Intelligent Transportation System - Standard Sheets-ITS(27-45)-16PDF Icon memo2-23-16.pdf
August 3, 2015New D&OM (3)-15B, D&OM (5)-15 and D&OM (6)-15 Standard Sheets PDF Icon memo8-3-15.pdf
July 30, 2015Traffic Control Plan Mobile Herbicide Truck Operations Standard Sheet, TCP(3-5)-15PDF Icon memo7-30-15.pdf
July 9, 2015Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Standard ITS(1-13)-15 and ITS (24-26)-15 PDF Icon memo7-9-15.pdf
July 7, 2015Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Standard Sheets ITS (14-23)-15PDF Icon memo7-7-15.pdf
March 23, 2015Re-Issue of Delineator & Object Marker (D&OM(3)-15A)Standard SheetPDF Icon memo3-23-15.pdf
March 16, 2015Revised Delineator & Object Marker (D&OM) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo3-16-15.pdf
March 5, 2015Flood Gauge Assembly (FGA-15) Standard SheetPDF Icon memo3-5-15.pdf
August 18, 2014Structural Details for Mounting Small Roadside Type Signs to Bridge RailsPDF Icon memo8-18-14(2).pdf
August 18, 2014Barricade and Construction Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo8-18-14.pdf
July 2, 2014Traffic Control Plan Mobile Operations Raised Pavement Marker Standard Sheet, TCP(3-3)-14PDF Icon memo7-2-14.pdf
May 30, 2014Contrast and Shadow Pavement Markings Standard Sheet, CMP(1)-14PDF Icon memo5-30-14.pdf
April 17, 2014Sign Walkway and Support Brackets Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo4-17-14.pdf
February 28, 2014Work in Exit Gore Standards Sheets, TCP(6-8)-14 & TCP(6-9)-14 PDF Icon memo2-28-14.pdf
February 27, 2014Revised Roadway Illumination Details Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo2-27-14.pdf
February 20, 2014Work Zone Temporary Rumble Strip Standard SheetPDF Icon memo2-20-14.pdf
October 4, 2013Rumble Strip Standard Sheets (RS-Series)PDF Icon memo10-4-13.pdf
July 17, 2013Typical Sign Requirements (TSR) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo7-17-13(4).pdf
July 17, 2013Traffic Control Plan Standard Sheets TCP (3-1), (3-2), (3-3), (3-4) & (7.1)PDF Icon memo7-17-13(3).pdf
July 17, 2013Work Zone Standard Sheets WZ(TD), (STPM), (UL), (RCD) (BTS-1), (BTS-2) & (BRK)PDF Icon memo7-17-13(2).pdf
July 17, 2013Barricade and Construction Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo7-17-13.pdf
March 5, 2013Roadside Flashing Beacon Assembly (RFBA) and Solar Powered Roadside Flashing Beacon Assembly Details (SPRFBA) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo3-5-13.pdf
November 12, 2012Work Zone Temporary Rumble Strip Standard SheetPDF Icon memo11-12-12.pdf
August 6, 2012Traffic Control Plan Standard TCP-6PDF Icon memo8-6-12.pdf
March 29, 2012Correction: TS2-Series Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo3-29-12.pdf
February 3, 2012Traffic Control Plan Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo2-3-12(2).pdf
February 3, 2012PM-Series, FPM-Series, and TS2-Series StandardsPDF Icon memo2-3-12(1).pdf
January 4, 2012Revised Traffic Signal Pole StandardsPDF Icon memo1-4-12.pdf
March 1, 2011RIP(1 )-(4)-11 and RID(FND)-11 Traffic Engineering StandardsPDF Icon memo3-1-11.pdf
May 27, 2010TS2(PL-1)-10 and TS2(PL-2)-10 Standard SheetPDF Icon memo5-27-10.pdf
May 12, 2010Bicycle Lane Pavement Markings Standard SheetPDF Icon memo5-12-10.pdf
April 26, 2010Delineator and Object Marker Installation and Material Description Standard Sheet (D&OM(1)-10)PDF Icon memo4-26-10.pdf
April 1, 2010Revised Cantilever Overhead Sign Support Standard SheetsPDF Icon memo4-1-10.pdf
February 23, 2010PM(2), (4), (7)-10, FPM(1)-(4)-10 and RS(1)-(4)-10 Stand SheetsPDF Icon memo2-23-10.pdf
February 11, 2010Standard Sheets ISSC-10, ISSU-10 and ISSUD-10PDF Icon memoiss10.pdf
February 11, 2010CMV Inspection StationsPDF Icon memocmv.pdf
January 11, 2010TCP (S-2c)-10 Standard SheetPDF Icon memotcps2c.pdf
October 21, 2009Delineator and Object Marker Installation (D&OM(1)-09)PDF Icon memodom109.pdf
August 4, 2009Typical Railroad Crossing Signs and Signals Standard SheetsPDF Icon memorr09.pdf
June 3, 2009MA-C-09 Standard SheetPDF Icon memomac09.pdf
September 23, 2008TSR and SMD Standard SheetsPDF Icon memosmd08.pdf
August 21, 2008Revised OSB and COSS Standard SheetsPDF Icon memocoss.pdf
August 5, 2008TCP (S-1) - (S-5) - 08 Standard SheetsPDF Icon memotcpsurvey.pdf
February 8, 2008Correction: PM(2)-08 and FPM(1)-08 Standard SheetsPDF Icon memofpm2.pdf
February 7, 2008PM(2,3)-00A and FPM(1)-00A Standard SheetsPDF Icon memofpm1.pdf
November 26, 2007Overhead Sign Bridge and Cantilever Overhead Sign Support Standard SheetsPDF Icon memoosb.pdf
September 28, 2007Revised Barricade and Construction (BC) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memobc07.pdf
September 17, 2007Monotube Sign Structure Standard SheetsPDF Icon memomss.pdf
January 2, 2007Roadway Illumination and Illumination Poles Standard SheetsPDF Icon memoriprid07.pdf
April 18, 2006Standard Sheets for Edgeline, Centerline and Transverse Rumble StripsPDF Icon memors.pdf
April 18, 2006Standard Sheet - Exit Number Gore Markings PM(7)-06PDF Icon memopm7.pdf
February 1, 2006Standard Sheets ISSC-06, ISSD-06 AND ISSU-06PDF Icon memoiss.pdf
January 7, 2005RFBA-04, SPRFBA-04, TS-CF-04PDF Icon memorfba.pdf
August 23, 2004Delineator and Object Marker (D&OM) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memodom.pdf
January 13, 2004Standard Sheets - RID 2004PDF Icon memorid.pdf
December 22, 2003Revisions to Typical Sign Requirements (TSR-03)PDF Icon memortsr.pdf
October 28, 2003Release of Typical Sign RequirementsPDF Icon memotsr.pdf
October 20, 2003Minor Changes to Mast Arm Pole Details - (MA-D-03)PDF Icon memomad.pdf
May 29, 2003Solar Powered Roadside Flashing Beacon Assembly and Electrical Details - Ground Boxes/Battery BoxPDF Icon memospbed13.pdf
May 15, 2003Standard Sheets - ED 2003PDF Icon memoed.pdf
April 16, 2003Revised BC(1)-2003 and BC(7)-2003PDF Icon memobc1,7.pdf
March 28, 2003Standard Sheets - ED 2003 and HMID 2003PDF Icon memoedhmid.pdf
March 11, 2003Revised Traffic Control Plan (TCP) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memotcp.pdf
March 7, 2003Revised Work Zone Standard Sheets (WZ Sheets)PDF Icon memowz.pdf
March 7, 2003Revised Pavement Marking Standard Sheets (PM Sheets)PDF Icon memopm.pdf
January 27, 2003Standard Sheets - LD(1)-03 and LD(2)-03PDF Icon memold.pdf
November 4, 2002Revised Barricade and Construction Standard Sheets (BC Sheets)PDF Icon memobc.pdf
October 8, 2002Standard Sheet - ED(4)-2002PDF Icon memoed4.pdf
July 19, 2002Revised Sign Mounting Details (SMD) Standard SheetsPDF Icon memosmd.pdf
June 21, 2002Standard Sheet - RID(5)-2002PDF Icon memorid5.pdf


Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

Table of Contents (11 x 17 - 3 pages)PDF Icon tocpg.pdf

Gray - Indicates that standard sheets will be removed soon.
Yellow - The most recent changes or new standard sheets.

Sign Standards | Railroad Crossing Details Standards | Bicycle Lane Standards | Tabulation Sheets

Delineator And Pavement Marker Standards | Sign Mounting Standards | Wind Velocity And Ice Zone Maps | Overhead Sign Bridge Standards

Monotube Sign Structure Standards | Cantilever Overhead Sign Support Standards | Electrical And Illumination Details | Sign Lighting And Walkway Standards

Walkways And Bracket Standards | Rumble Strip Standards | Barricade And Construction Standards | Work Zone Standards

Traffic Signal Pole Standards | Traffic Control Plan Standards | Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Standards



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

TSR sheets (5 sheets)PDF Icon TSR.pdf
1TSR(1)-137-13Typical Sign Requirements (OH & large grd mount signs)PDF Icon tsr1-13.dgn
2TSR(2)-137-13Typical Sign Requirements (OH & large grd mount signs)PDF Icon tsr2-13.dgn
3TSR(3)-137-13Typical Sign Requirements (Independent mounted signs)PDF Icon tsr3-13.dgn
4TSR(4)-137-13Typical Sign Requirements (Independent mounted signs)PDF Icon tsr4-13.dgn
5TSR(5)-137-13Typical Sign Requirements (Arrows, blanks and details)PDF Icon tsr5-13.dgn
CMV sheets (2 sheets)PDF Icon CMV.pdf
10ACMV-199-19CMV Inspection Station SigningPDF Icon cmv-19.dgn
10BCMV(SD)-199-19CMV Inspection Station Sign DetailsPDF Icon cmv(sd)-19.dgn
10FFGA-153-15Flood Gauge AssemblyPDF Icon fga-15.dgn
ISS-20 sheets (3 sheets)PDF Icon ISS-20.pdf
13AISSC-2011-20US Border Patrol Inspection Station - 2 LanePDF Icon issc-20.dgn
13BISSU-2011-20US Border Patrol Inspection Station - 4 LanePDF Icon issu-20.dgn
13CISSD-2011-20US Border Patrol Inspection Station - DividedPDF Icon issd-20.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

RCD sheets (2 sheets)PDF Icon RCD-22.pdf
14RCD(1)-2211-22Railroad Crossing Details Signing, Striping, and Device PlacementPDF Icon rcd1-22.dgn
15RCD(2)-2211-22Railroad Crossing Details Signing and StripingPDF Icon rcd2-22.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

16BLPM-105-10Bicycle Lane Pavement MarkingsPDF Icon blpm-10.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

18SOSS8-16Summary of Small SignsPDF Icon sums16.dgn
Summary of Small Signs - ExamplePDF Icon sums16ex.dgn
SOLS sheets (3 sheets)PDF Icon SOLS-24.pdf
19SOLS (TY G)5-24Summary of Large Signs - Ground MountPDF Icon SOLS(TY G)-24.dgn
19ASOLS (TY O)5-24Summary of Large Signs - OverheadPDF Icon SOLS(TY O)-24.dgn
19BSOLSR5-24Summary of Large Signs RemovalPDF Icon SOLSR-24.dgn
Summary of Large Signs - ExamplePDF Icon SOLS-24_Example.dgn
19SOLS9-08Summary of Large SignsPDF Icon suml08.dgn
Summary of Large Signs - ExamplePDF Icon examlar.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

DOM sheets (7 sheets)PDF Icon DOM-20.pdf
20AD&OM(1)-207-20Delineators & Object Marker Material DescriptionPDF Icon dom1-20.dgn
20BD&OM(2)-207-20Delineators & Object Marker InstallationPDF Icon dom2-20.dgn
20CD&OM(3)-207-20Delineators & Object Marker Placement DetailsPDF Icon dom3-20.dgn
20DD&OM(4)-207-20Delineators & Object Marker Placement DetailsPDF Icon dom4-20.dgn
20ED&OM(5)-207-20Delineators & Object Marker Placement DetailsPDF Icon dom5-20.dgn
20FD&OM(6)-207-20Delineators & Object Marker Placement DetailsPDF Icon dom6-20.dgn
20GD&OM(VIA)-207-20Delineators & Object Marker for Vehicle Impact AttenuatorsPDF Icon domvia-20.dgn
PM sheets (5 sheets)PDF Icon PM-22.pdf
22APM(1)-2212-22Typical Standard Pavement MarkingsPDF Icon pm1-22.dgn
22BPM(2)-2212-22Position Guidance Using Raised Markers Reflectorized Profile MarkingsPDF Icon pm2-22.dgn
22CPM(3)-2212-22Two-Way Left Turn Lanes, Rural Left Turn Bays and Lane Reduction Pavement MarkingsPDF Icon pm3-22.dgn
22DPM(4)-22A12-22Crosswalk Pavement MarkingsPDF Icon pm4-22a.dgn
22EPM(5)-2212-22Roadways with Reduced Shoulder Widths Across Bridge or CulvertPDF Icon pm5-22.dgn
22FPM(AP)-217-21Pavement Markings and Signing For Accessible ParkingPDF Icon pm(ap)-21.dgn
22NCPM(1)-232-23Contrast and Shadow Pavement MarkingsPDF Icon cpm(1)-23.dgn
FPM sheets (6 sheets)PDF Icon FPM-22.pdf
23AFPM(1)-2210-22Typ. Std. Fwy. Pvmt. Mks. - w/Raised Pvmt. MarkersPDF Icon fpm(1)-22.dgn
23BFPM(2)-2210-22Typ. Std. Fwy. Pvmt. Mks. - Ent./Exit RampsPDF Icon fpm(2)-22.dgn
23CFPM(3)-2210-22Typ. Std. Fwy. Pvmt. Mks. - Single Lane Drop (Exit Only) and Ln. Reduction DetailPDF Icon fpm(3)-22.dgn
23DFPM(4)-2210-22Typ. Std. Fwy. Pvmt. Mks. - Multiple Lane Drop (Exit) DetailsPDF Icon fpm(4)-22.dgn
23FFPM(5)-2210-22Exit Gore Pavement MarkingsPDF Icon fpm(5)-22.dgn
23GFPM(6)-2210-22Typ. Std. Freeway and Frontage Road Pvmt. Mks.PDF Icon fpm(6)-22.dgn
24CLB(1)-239-23Centerline Buffer Multi-Lane RoadwaysPDF Icon clb1-23.dgn
24ACLB(2)-239-23Centerline Buffer Two-Lane RoadwaysPDF Icon clb2-23.dgn
TS2-(PL) sheets (2 sheets)PDF Icon TS2(PL)-23.pdf
25TS2(PL-1)-232-23Texas Super 2 Passing Lanes (Separated and Alternating)PDF Icon ts2-1-23.dgn
25ATS2(PL-2)-232-23Texas Super 2 Passing Lanes (Side by Side Passing Lanes)PDF Icon ts2-2-23.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

SMD sheets (6 sheets)PDF Icon SMD.pdf
26ASMD(GEN)-089-08Sign Mounting Details - General Notes/DetailsPDF Icon smdgen.dgn
26BSMD(SLIP-1)-089-08- Triangular Slipbase SystemPDF Icon smds1.dgn
26CSMD(SLIP-2)-089-08- Triangular Slipbase SystemPDF Icon smds2.dgn
26DSMD(SLIP-3)-089-08- Triangular Slipbase SystemPDF Icon smds3.dgn
26ESMD(TWT)-089-08- Wedge & Universal Anchor with TW TubingPDF Icon smdtwt.dgn
26FSMD(FRP)-089-08- Universal Anchor System w/ FRP PostPDF Icon smdfrp.dgn
26GSMD(BR-1)-148-14Bridge Railing Sign Mount DetailsPDF Icon smdbr-14.dgn
26HSMD(BR-2)-148-14Bridge Railing Sign Mount Details"
26JSMD(BR-3)-148-14Bridge Railing Sign Mount Details"
SMD(2) sheets (7 sheets)PDF Icon SMD(2)-24.pdf
27ASMD(2-1)-245-24Sign Mounting Details - Large Roadside Signs | Foundation & StubPDF Icon smd(2-1)-24.dgn
27BSMD(2-2)-245-24Sign Mounting Details - Large Roadside Signs | Extruded AluminumPDF Icon smd(2-2)-24.dgn
27CSMD(2-3)-245-24Sign Mounting Details - Sign Panels & Hardware | Extruded AluminumPDF Icon smd(2-3)-24.dgn
27DSMD(2-4)-245-24Sign Mounting Details - Overhead Signs | Extruded AluminumPDF Icon smd(2-4)-24.dgn
27ESMD(2-5)-245-24Sign Mounting Details - Overhead Signs | Support to Truss ConnectionPDF Icon smd(2-5)-24.dgn
27FSMD(2-6)-245-24Sign Mounting Details - Overhead Signs | Support to Monotube ConnectionPDF Icon smd(2-6)-24.dgn
27GSMD(2-7)-245-24Sign Mounting Details - Large Roadside Signs with Flashing BeaconsPDF Icon smd(2-7)-24.dgn
SMD2 sheets (6 sheets)PDF Icon SMD2.pdf
27ASMD(2-1)-089-08Sign Mounting Details - Extruded AluminumPDF Icon smd21-08.dgn
27BSMD(2-2)-089-08Sign Mounting Details - Foundation & StubPDF Icon smd22-08.dgn
27CSMD(2-3)-089-08Sign Mounting Details - Large Roadside SignsPDF Icon smd23-08.dgn
27DSMD(2-4)-089-08Sign Mounting Details - Overhead AluminumPDF Icon smd24-08.dgn
27FSMD(2-6)-0111-01Sign Mounting Details - Electrical ConnectionPDF Icon smd26-01.dgn
28SMD(TY G)-089-08Sign Mounting Details - Type G SupportPDF Icon smdtyg08.dgn
28ASMD(CPS-1)-2310-23City Pride SignPDF Icon smdcps.dgn
28BSMD(CPS-2)-2310-23City Pride Sign"
28CSMD(CPS-3)-2310-23City Pride Sign"
28DSMD(CPS-4)-2310-23City Pride Sign"
LRSS sheets (4 sheets)PDF Icon smd-lrss-24.dgn
29ASMD(LRSS-1)-245-24Large Roadside Sign Support Post Selection Worksheet Zone 1 - 90 MPH"
29BSMD(LRSS-2)-245-24Large Roadside Sign Support Post Selection Worksheet Zone 2 - 80 MPH"
29CSMD(LRSS-3)-245-24Large Roadside Sign Support Post Selection Worksheet Zone 3 - 70 MPH"
29DSMD(LRSS-4)-245-24Large Roadside Sign Support Foundation Worksheet"
29ASMD(8W1)-089-08Guide Sign Post Selection WorksheetPDF Icon smd8-08.dgn
29BSMD(8W2)-089-08Guide Sign Foundation Worksheet"
29EDMS(TM-1)-166-16DMS-to-Truss Mounting at Overhead Sign Supports (non build-up)PDF Icon dms-tm-16.dgn
29FDMS(TM-2)-166-16DMS-to-Truss Mounting at Overhead Sign Supports (with build-up)"
29GDMS(TM-3)-166-16DMS-to-Truss Mounting at Overhead Sign Supports (with build-up)"
DMS-(HZ)-21PDF Icon DMS(HZ)-21.pdf
29HDMS(HZ-1)-212-21DMS-to-Truss Mounting with Horizontal Zee ExtrusionsPDF Icon dms(hz-1)-21.dgn
29IDMS(HZ-2)-212-21DMS-to-Truss Mounting with Horizontal Zee ExtrusionsPDF Icon dms(hz-2)-21.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

30WV & IZ-148-14Wind Velocity & Ice ZonesPDF Icon windice.dgn
30A8-14Wind Velocity WorksheetPDF Icon windwk2.dgn
30BWV & IZ(LTS2013)-148-14Wind Velocity & Ice Zones (AASHTO 2001-2013 LTS Design Spec)-14PDF Icon lts2013.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

31OSB-SE11-07Overhead Sign Bridge Selection ExamplesPDF Icon stds31.dgn
32AOSB-Z18-08Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds32.dgn
32BOSB-Z18-08Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
33AHOSB-Z1-218-21High Level Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon hosb-z1-21.dgn
33BHOSB-Z18-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds33.dgn
34AHOSB-Z1L8-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds34.dgn
34BHOSB-Z1L8-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
35AOSB-Z2I8-08Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds35.dgn
35BOSB-Z2I8-08Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
36AHOSB-Z2I8-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds36.dgn
36BHOSB-Z2I8-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
37AOSB-Z311-07Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds37.dgn
37BOSB-Z38-08Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
38AHOSB-Z38-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds38.dgn
38BHOSB-Z38-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
39AOSB-Z3I8-08Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds39.dgn
39BOSB-Z3I8-08Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
40AHOSB-Z3I11-07High Level Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds40.dgn
40BHOSB-Z3I8-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
41AOSB-Z48-08Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds41.dgn
41BOSB-Z48-08Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
42AHOSB-Z411-07High Level Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds42.dgn
42BHOSB-Z48-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
43AOSB-Z4I11-07Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds43.dgn
43BOSB-Z4I8-08Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
44AHOSB-Z4I8-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon stds44.dgn
44BHOSB-Z4I8-08High Level Overhead Sign Bridge Details"
45AOSBT-218-21Overhead Sign Bridge Tower DetailsPDF Icon osbt-21.dgn
45BOSBT11-07Overhead Sign Bridge Tower DetailsPDF Icon stds45.dgn
46OSBC11-07Overhead Sign Bridge Truss DetailsPDF Icon stds46.dgn
47AOSBC-SC-Z111-07Overhead Sign Bridge Truss / Single ColumnPDF Icon stds47.dgn
47BOSBC-SC-Z111-07Overhead Sign Bridge Truss / Single Column"
48AOSBC-SC-Z211-07Overhead Sign Bridge Truss / Single ColumnPDF Icon stds48.dgn
48BOSBC-SC-Z211-07Overhead Sign Bridge Truss / Single Column"
49AOSBC-SC-Z311-07Overhead Sign Bridge Truss / Single ColumnPDF Icon stds49.dgn
49BOSBC-SC-Z311-07Overhead Sign Bridge Truss / Single Column"
50AOSBC-SC-Z411-07Overhead Sign Bridge Truss / Single ColumnPDF Icon stds50.dgn
50BOSBC-SC-Z411-07Overhead Sign Bridge Truss / Single Column"
51OSBS-SC11-07Overhead Sign Bridge Single Column and Drilled Shaft ReinforcingPDF Icon stds51.dgn
52OSB-FD11-07Foundation Embedment Selection ChartsPDF Icon stds52.dgn
53OSB-FD-SC11-07Foundation Embedment Selection ChartsPDF Icon stds53.dgn
54COSS & OSB-SZ-218-21Overhead Sign Bridge DetailsPDF Icon coss-osb-sz-21.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

56AMC(1)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Cantilever)PDF Icon mc-22.dgn
56BMC(2)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Cantilever)(Sign Support Details)"
56CMC(3)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Cantilever)(Sign Support Details)"
56DMC(4)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Cantilever)(Post Details)"
56EMC(5)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Cantilever)(Socket/Socket Connection Design Details)"
56FMC(6)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Cantilever)(Socket/Ground Sleeve Connection Design Details)"
56GMC(7)-2210-22Monotone Sign Structure (Cantilever)(Foundation Details)"
57AMS(1)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Span)PDF Icon ms-22.dgn
57BMS(2)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Span)(Arm Details)"
57CMS(3)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Span)(Sign Support Details)"
57DMS(4)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Span)(Post Details)"
57EMS(5)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Span)(Socket/Socket Connection Design Details)"
57FMS(6)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Span)(Socket/Ground Sleeve Connection Design Details)"
57GMS(7)-2210-22Monotube Sign Structure (Span)(Foundation Details)"
58AMDM(1)-079-07Monotube Sign Structure (Dynamic Sign)PDF Icon mdm.dgn
58BMDM(2)-079-07Monotube Sign Structure (Dynamic Sign)"
58CMDM(3)-079-07Monotube Sign Structure (Dynamic Sign)"



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

60COSS-SE11-07Cantilever Overhead Sign Supports Selection ExamplesPDF Icon stds60.dgn
61COSS-Z1-104-10Cantilever Overhead Sign SupportsPDF Icon stds61.dgn
62HCOSS-Z1-218-21High Level Cantilever Overhead Sign SupportsPDF Icon hcoss-z1-21.dgn
63COSS-Z2I-104-10Cantilever Overhead Sign SupportsPDF Icon stds63.dgn
64COSS-Z3&Z3I-104-10Cantilever Overhead Sign SupportsPDF Icon stds64.dgn
65COSS-Z4&Z4I-104-10Cantilever Overhead Sign SupportsPDF Icon stds65.dgn
66ACOSSD11-07Cantilever Overhead Sign Support DetailsPDF Icon stds66.dgn
66BCOSSD11-07Cantilever Overhead Sign Support Details"
67COSSF-218-21Cantilever Overhead Sign Support FoundationPDF Icon cossf-21.dgn
68COSS-FD11-07Foundation Embedment Selection ChartsPDF Icon stds68.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

ED sheets (12 sheets)PDF Icon ED.pdf
71AED(1)-1410-14Electrical Details - Conduit & NotesPDF Icon ed1-14.dgn
71BED(2)-1410-14- Conduit SupportsPDF Icon ed2-14.dgn
71CED(3)-1410-14- ConductorsPDF Icon ed3-14.dgn
71DED(4)-1410-14- Ground BoxesPDF Icon ed4-14.dgn
71EED(5)-1410-14- Service Notes & DataPDF Icon ed5-14.dgn
71FED(6)-1410-14- Service Enclosure and NotesPDF Icon ed6-14.dgn
71GED(7)-1410-14- Service Support Types SF & SPPDF Icon ed7-14.dgn
71HED(8)-1410-14- Typical Traffic Signal System DetailsPDF Icon ed8-14.dgn
71JED(9)-1410-14- Electrical Service Support - Pedestal Serv. Type PSPDF Icon ed9-14.dgn
71KED(10)-1410-14- Service Support Types GC, OC, & TPPDF Icon ed10-14.dgn
71LED(11)-1410-14- Duct Cable / HDPE ConduitPDF Icon ed11-14.dgn
71MED(12)-1410-14- Battery Box Ground BoxesPDF Icon ed12-14.dgn
RID-20 (3 sheets)PDF Icon RID-20.pdf
72ARID (1)-2012-20Roadway Illumination DetailsPDF Icon rid1-20.dgn
72BRID (2)-2012-20Roadway Illumination DetailsPDF Icon rid2-20.dgn
72CRID (3)-2012-20Roadway Illumination DetailsPDF Icon rid3-20.dgn
RIP-19 (4 sheets)PDF Icon RIP-19.pdf
73ARIP(1)-1912-19Roadway Illumination PolesPDF Icon rip(1-4)-19.dgn
73BRIP(2)-1912-19Roadway Illumination PolesPDF Icon "
73CRIP(3)-1912-19Roadway Illumination PolesPDF Icon "
73DRIP(4)-1912-19Roadway Illumination PolesPDF Icon "
RIP-17 (4 sheets)PDF Icon "
74RFBA-133-13Roadway Flashing Beacon AssemblyPDF Icon rfba-13.dgn
75ASPRFBA(1)-133-13Solar Powered Flashing Beacon DetailsPDF Icon spb1-13.dgn
75BSPRFBA(2)-133-13Solar Powered Flashing Beacon - TimberPDF Icon spb2-13.dgn
75CSPRFBA(3)-133-13Solar Powered Roadside Beacon - AluminumPDF Icon spb3-13.dgn
76AHMID(1)-242-24High Mast Illumination DetailsPDF Icon hmid-24.dgn
76BHMID(2)-242-24High Mast Illumination Details"
76CHMID(3)-242-24High Mast Illumination Details"
76DHMID(4)-242-24High Mast Illumination Details"
76EHMID(5)-242-24High Mast Illumination Details"
76FHMID(6)-242-24High Mast Illumination Details"
76GHMID(7)-242-24High Mast Illumination Details"
76AHMID(1)-033-03High Mast Illumination DetailsPDF Icon hmid-03.dgn
76BHMID(2)-033-03High Mast Illumination Details"
76CHMID(3)-033-03High Mast Illumination Details"
76DHMID(4)-033-03High Mast Illumination Details"
76EHMID(5)-033-03High Mast Illumination Details"
76FHMID(6)-033-03High Mast Illumination Details"
76GHMID(7)-033-03High Mast Illumination Details"
76HHMID(8)-033-03High Mast Illumination Details"
76IHMID(9)-033-03High Mast Illumination Details"
77AHMIP(1)-168-16High Mast Illumination PolesPDF Icon hmip-16.dgn
77BHMIP(2)-168-16High Mast Illumination Poles"
78AHMIF(1)-985-98High Mast Illumination Pole FoundationPDF Icon hmif98.dgn
78BHMIF(2)-985-98High Mast Illumination Pole Foundation"
79ALD(1)-031-03Loop Detector Installation DetailsPDF Icon ld-03.dgn
79BLD(2)-031-03Loop Detector Placement Details"



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

80SL(MV)-9310-93Mercury Vapor Sign Lighting FixturePDF Icon slmv93.dgn
81SL(1)-958-95Sign Lighting Electrical DetailsPDF Icon sl-95.dgn
82SNS-958-95Street Name Sign Details (Illuminated)PDF Icon sns-95.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

83SWW(1)-144-14Sign Walkway and HandrailPDF Icon sww1-14.dgn
84SWW(1)-144-14Sign Walkway and Handrail"
85SB(SWL-1)-144-14Support Bracket for Signs, Walkways and LightsPDF Icon swl-14.dgn
86SB(SWL-1)-144-14Support Bracket for Signs, Walkways and Lights"



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

RS-23 sheets (6 sheets)PDF Icon RS-23.pdf
90RS(1)-232-23Edgeline Rumble Strips on Freeways and Divided HighwaysPDF Icon rs(1)-23.dgn
91RS(2)-232-23Edgeline Rumble Strips on Undivided or Two Lane HighwaysPDF Icon rs(2)-23.dgn
92RS(3)-232-23Centerline Rumble Strips on Multilane Undivided HighwayPDF Icon rs(3)-23.dgn
93RS(4)-232-23Centerline Rumble Strips on Two Lane Two-Way HighwaysPDF Icon rs(4)-23.dgn
94RS(5)-232-23Transverse or In-Lane Rumble StripsPDF Icon rs(5)-23.dgn
94ARS(6)-232-23Rumble Strip Bicycle Considerations for Non-Freeway FacilitiesPDF Icon rs(6)-23.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

95BC(1)-215-21Barricade and Construction - General Notes and RequirementsPDF Icon bc-21.dgn
96BC(2)-215-21- Project Limit"
97BC(3)-215-21- Work Zone Speed Limit"
98BC(4)-215-21- Temporary Sign Notes"
99BC(5)-215-21- Typical Sign Support"
100BC(6)-215-21- Portable Changeable Message Sign (PCMS)"
101BC(7)-215-21- Arrow Panel, Reflectors, Lights & Attenuator"
102BC(8)-215-21- Channelizing Devices"
103BC(9)-215-21- Channelizing Devices"
104BC(10)-215-21- Channelizing Devices"
105BC(11)-215-21- Pavement Markings"
106BC(12)-215-21- Pavement Marking Patterns"
BC sheets 29 pages - 8 1/2 x 11 7-21PDF Icon bcsm-21.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

110WZ(TD)-172-17Traffic Control Plan - Typical DetailsPDF Icon wztd-17.dgn
111WZ(STPM)-232-23Work Zone Short Term Pavement MarkingsPDF Icon wz(stpm)-23.dgn
112WZ(UL)-137-13Signing for Uneven LanesPDF Icon wzul-13.dgn
113WZ(RCD)-137-13Work Zone Road Closure DetailsPDF Icon wzrcd-13.dgn
114WZ(BTS-1)-137-13Traffic Signal Work Typical DetailsPDF Icon wzbts-13.dgn
115WZ(BTS-2)-137-13Traffic Signal Barricades and Signs"
116WZ(BRK)-137-13Work Zone "Give Us A Brake" SignsPDF Icon wzbrk-13.dgn
117WZ(RS)-221-22Temporary Rumble StripsPDF Icon wzrs22.dgn
117ATLRS(1)-175-17Temporary Large Roadside SignsPDF Icon tlrs-17.dgn
117BTLRS(2)-175-17Temporary Large Roadside SignsPDF Icon tlrs(2)-17.pdf
117CTLRS(3)-175-17Temporary Large Roadside Signs: Mounting DetailsPDF Icon tlrs(3)-17.pdf
117DTLRS(4)-175-17Temporary Large Roadside Signs: Wood SkidPDF Icon tlrs(4)-17.pdf
117ETS-CD-2210-22Temporary Large Sign Covering DetailsPDF Icon ts-cd-22.dgn
118WZ-ITS(1)-192-19Temporary Queue Detection System TYPE 1 (Queue <= 7.5 Miles)PDF Icon wz-its(1)-19.dgn
119WZ-ITS(2)-192-19Temporary Queue Detection System TYPE 1 (Queue <= 7.5 Miles)"
120WZ-ITS(3)-192-19Temporary Queue Detection System TYPE 2 (Queue <= 3.5 Miles)PDF Icon wz-its(3)-19.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

120ASP-80(1)-121-12Strain Pole Assembly (80 Mph)PDF Icon sp80.dgn
120BSP-80(2)-121-12Strain Pole Assembly (80 Mph)"
121ASP-100(1)-121-12Strain Pole Assembly (100 Mph)PDF Icon sp100.dgn
121BSP-100(2)-121-12Strain Pole Assembly (100 Mph)"
122ASMA-80(1)-121-12Single Mast Arm Assembly (80 Mph)PDF Icon sma-80.dgn
122BSMA-80(2)-121-12Single Mast Arm Assembly (80 Mph)"
123ASMA-100(1)-121-12Single Mast Arm Assembly (100 Mph)PDF Icon sma-100.dgn
123BSMA-100(2)-121-12Single Mast Arm Assembly (100 Mph)"
124ADMA-80(1)-121-12Dual Mast Arm Assembly (80 Mph)PDF Icon dma-80.dgn
124BDMA-80(2)-121-12Dual Mast Arm Assembly (80 Mph)"
124CDMA-80(3)-121-12Dual Mast Arm Assembly (80 Mph)"
125ADMA-100(1)-121-12Dual Mast Arm Assembly (100 Mph)PDF Icon dma-100.dgn
125BDMA-100(2)-121-12Dual Mast Arm Assembly (100 Mph)"
125CDMA-100(3)-121-12Dual Mast Arm Assembly (100 Mph)"
126AMA-C-121-12Mast Arm ConnectionsPDF Icon mac.dgn
126BMA-C(ILSN)-121-12Mast Arm ConnectionsPDF Icon macilsn.dgn
127MA-D-121-12Mast Arm Pole DetailsPDF Icon mad.dgn
128TS-FD-121-12Pole FoundationPDF Icon ts-fd.dgn
129LUM-A-121-12Luminaire Arm DetailsPDF Icon lum-a.dgn
130CFA-121-12Clamp on Fitting AssemblyPDF Icon cfa.dgn
131ALMA(1)-121-12Long Mast Arm Assembly (80 & 100 Mph)PDF Icon lma.dgn
131BLMA(2)-121-12Long Mast Arm Assembly (80 & 100 Mph)"
131CLMA(3)-121-12Long Mast Arm Assembly (80 & 100 Mph)"
131DLMA(4)-121-12Long Mast Arm Assembly (80 & 100 Mph)"
131ELMA(5)-121-12Long Mast Arm List"
132TS-CF-212-21Traffic Signal Controller Foundation/BasePDF Icon ts-cf-21.dgn
133MA-DPD-206-20Mast Arm Damping Plate DetailsPDF Icon ma-dpd-20.dgn
134TS-BP-206-20Traffic Signal Head with BackplatePDF Icon ts-bp-20.dgn



Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

1494-16TCP - WorksheetPDF Icon tcpws-16.dgn
TCP(1) sheets (6 sheets)PDF Icon TCP1-18.pdf
151TCP(1-1)-182-18TCP - Conventional Road Shoulder WorkPDF Icon tcp1-1-18.dgn
152TCP(1-2)-182-18TCP - One-Lane Two-Way Traffic ControlPDF Icon tcp1-2-18.dgn
153TCP(1-3)-182-18TCP - Traffic Shifts on Two Lane RoadsPDF Icon tcp1-3-18.dgn
154TCP(1-4)-182-18TCP - Lane Closures on Multilane Conventional RoadsPDF Icon tcp1-4-18.dgn
155TCP(1-5)-182-18TCP - Lane Closures for Divided HighwaysPDF Icon tcp1-5-18.dgn
156TCP(1-6)-182-18TCP - Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADS)PDF Icon tcp1-6-18.dgn
TCP(2) sheets (8 sheets)PDF Icon TCP(2)-23.pdf
161TCP(2-1)-182-18TCP - Conventional Road Shoulder WorkPDF Icon tcp2-1-18.dgn
162TCP(2-2)-182-18TCP - One-Lane Two-Way Traffic ControlPDF Icon tcp2-2-18.dgn
163TCP(2-3)-234-23TCP - Traffic Shifts on Two-Lane RoadsPDF Icon tcp2-3-23.dgn
164TCP(2-4)-182-18TCP - Lane Closures on Multilane Conventional RoadsPDF Icon tcp2-4-18.dgn
165TCP(2-5)-182-18TCP - Long Term Lane Closures Multilane Conventional RoadsPDF Icon tcp2-5-18.dgn
166TCP(2-6)-182-18TCP - Lane Closures on Divided HighwaysPDF Icon tcp2-6-18.dgn
167TCP(2-7)-234-23TCP - Diversions and Narrow BridgesPDF Icon tcp2-7-23.dgn
168TCP(2-8)-234-23TCP - Long Term One-Lane Two-Way ControlPDF Icon tcp2-8-23.dgn
TCP(3) sheets (5 sheets)PDF Icon TCP(3).pdf
175TCP(3-1)-137-13TCP - Mobile Operations - Undivided HighwaysPDF Icon tcp3-1.dgn
176TCP(3-2)-137-13TCP - Mobile Operations - Divided HighwaysPDF Icon tcp3-2.dgn
177TCP(3-3)-147-14TCP - Mobile Operations - Raised Pavement MarkerPDF Icon tcp3-3.dgn
178TCP(3-4)-137-13TCP - Mobile Operations for Isolated Work Areas Undivided HighwaysPDF Icon tcp3-4.dgn
179TCP(3-5)-184-18TCP - Mobile Operations Herbicide Truck OperationsPDF Icon tcp3-5-18.dgn
190TCP(5-1)-182-18TCP - Shoulder Work for Freeways/ExpresswaysPDF Icon tcp5-1-18.dgn
TCP(6) sheets (9 sheets)PDF Icon TCP(6).pdf
201TCP(6-1)-128-12TCP - Freeway Lane ClosuresPDF Icon tcp6-1.dgn
202TCP(6-2)-128-12TCP - Work Area Near RampPDF Icon tcp6-2.dgn
203TCP(6-3)-128-12TCP - Work Area Beyond RampPDF Icon tcp6-3.dgn
204TCP(6-4)-128-12TCP - Work Area at Exit RampPDF Icon tcp6-4.dgn
205TCP(6-5)-128-12TCP - Work Area Beyond Exit RampPDF Icon tcp6-5.dgn
206TCP(6-6)-128-12TCP - Freeway ClosurePDF Icon tcp6-6.dgn
207TCP(6-7)-128-12TCP - Short Duration Freeway Closure SequencePDF Icon tcp6-7.dgn
208TCP(6-8)-142-14Work in Exit Gore for ADT Greater than 10,000PDF Icon tcp6-8.dgn
209TCP(6-9)-142-14Work in Exit Gore for ADT Less than 10,000PDF Icon tcp6-9.dgn
210TCP(7-1)-137-13Traffic Control for Surfacing OperationsPDF Icon tcp7-1.dgn
TCP(S) sheets (6 sheets)PDF Icon TCP(S).pdf
211TCP(S-1)-08A8-08Traffic Control for Surveying OperationsPDF Icon tcps1.dgn
212TCP(S-2)-08A8-08Traffic Control for Surveying OperationsPDF Icon tcps2.dgn
212ATCP(S-2c)-101-10Traffic Control for Surveying OperationsPDF Icon tcps2c.dgn
213TCP(S-3)-088-08Traffic Control for Surveying OperationsPDF Icon tcps3.dgn
214TCP(S-4)-08A8-08Traffic Control for Surveying OperationsPDF Icon tcps4.dgn
215TCP(S-5)-088-08Traffic Control for Surveying OperationsPDF Icon tcps5.dgn
216TCP-RCP-159-15Traffic Control Plan Ramp Count ProgramPDF Icon tcp-rcp.dgn
TCP(SC) sheets (8 sheets)PDF Icon TCPSC-22.pdf
217TCP(SC-1)-2210-22Traffic Control Plan Seal Coat Operations - One Lane Two WayPDF Icon tcpsc-1-22.dgn
218TCP(SC-2)-2210-22Traffic Control Plan Seal Coat Operations - Multilane Roads (Undivided)PDF Icon tcpsc-2-22.dgn
219TCP(SC-3)-2210-22Traffic Control Plan Seal Coat Operations - Multilane Roads (w/ CLTL)PDF Icon tcpsc-3-22.dgn
220TCP(SC-4)-2210-22Traffic Control Plan Seal Coat Operations - Near IntersectionPDF Icon tcpsc-4-22.dgn
221TCP(SC-5)-2210-22Traffic Control Plan Seal Coat Operations - Divided HighwaysPDF Icon tcpsc-5-22.dgn
222TCP(SC-6)-2210-22Traffic Control Plan Seal Coat Operations - Divided HighwaysPDF Icon tcpsc-6-22.dgn
223TCP(SC-7)-2210-22Temporary Pavement Markings for Seal Coat OperationsPDF Icon tcpsc-7-22.dgn
224TCP(SC-8)-2210-22Traffic Control Details for Seal Coat OperationsPDF Icon tcpsc-8-22.dgn
10-97Traffic Control Plan - Emergency Road Closure - (Ice Condition) MUST be signed and sealedPDF Icon tcperc.dgn
9-21Treatment for various edge conditions - MUST be signed and sealedPDF Icon edgecon-21.dgn


INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS (ITS) STANDARDS ~ True Type Fonts are used on the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Standards.
For proper display of these standards in MicroStation extract these font files into the C:\Windows\Fonts directory.
Compare the PDF file with the DGN file for validation on correct fonts displayed in MicroStation."

Page No.Sheet NameRev DateSubjectFile Name

225ITS(1)-156-15ITS Pole Details Octagonal Pole (Eight Sided Pole)PDF Icon its(1)-15.dgn
226ITS(2)-156-15ITS Pole Details Dodecahedral Pole (Twelve Sided Pole) (Alternative)PDF Icon its(2)-15.dgn
227ITS(3)-164-16ITS Pole Foundation DetailsPDF Icon its(3)-16.dgn
228ITS(4)-156-15ITS Pole Design Details Data Lookup TablePDF Icon its(4)-15.dgn
229ITS(4A)-156-15ITS Pole Stiffener Plate DetailsPDF Icon its(4a)-15.dgn
230ITS(5)-156-15ITS Pole Air Terminal DetailsPDF Icon its(5)-15.dgn
231ITS(6)-156-15ITS Pole Equipment Mounting DetailsPDF Icon its(6)-15.dgn
232ITS(7)-156-15ITS Pole Riprap DetailsPDF Icon its(7)-15.dgn
233ITS(8)-156-15ITS Pole Extension Overhead Sign Structure Concrete Column (1 of 2)PDF Icon its(8)-15.dgn
234ITS(9)-156-15ITS Pole Extension Overhead Sign Structure Concrete Column (2 of 2)"
235ITS(10)-156-15ITS Pole Extension Overhead Sign Structure Steel Pipe Column (1 of 2)PDF Icon its(10)-15.dgn
236ITS(11)-156-15ITS Pole Extension Overhead Sign Structure Steel Pipe Column (2 of 2)"
237ITS(12)-156-15ITS Pole Extension Overhead Sign Structure Steel Truss Tower (1 of 2)PDF Icon its(12)-15.dgn
238ITS(13)-156-15ITS Pole Extension Overhead Sign Structure Steel Truss Tower (2 of 2)"
239ITS(14)-156-15ITS Pole Mounted Cabinet Type 1 DetailsPDF Icon its(14)-15.dgn
240ITS(15)-156-15ITS Pole Mounted Cabinet Type 2 DetailsPDF Icon its(15)-15.dgn
241ITS(16)-156-15ITS Pole Mounted Cabinet Type 3 DetailsPDF Icon its(16)-15.dgn
242ITS(17)-156-15ITS Pole Mounted Cabinet Misc. Mounting DetailsPDF Icon its(17)-15.dgn
243ITS(18)-156-15ITS Cabinet Grounding DetailsPDF Icon its(18)-15.dgn
244ITS(19)-177-17ITS Pole Grounding DetailsPDF Icon its(19)-17.dgn
245ITS(20)-156-15ITS Ground Mounted Cabinet Elevation DetailsPDF Icon its(20)-15.dgn
246ITS(21)-156-15ITS Ground Mounted Cabinet Foundation DetailsPDF Icon its(21)-15.dgn
247ITS(22)-156-15ITS Ground Mounted Cabinet Foundation on Slope DetailsPDF Icon its(22)-15.dgn
248ITS(23)-156-15ITS Ground Mounted Cabinet Interior DetailsPDF Icon its(23)-15.dgn
249ITS(24)-156-15ITS Solar Power System Pole Mounting DetailsPDF Icon its(24)-15.dgn
250ITS(25)-156-15ITS Solar Power System Aluminum Pole Mounting DetailsPDF Icon its(25)-15.dgn
251ITS(26)-156-15ITS Solar Power System Wood Pole Mounting DetailsPDF Icon its(26)-15.dgn
252ITS(27)-162-16ITS Conduit Trench Details (1 of 2)PDF Icon its(27)-16.dgn
253ITS(28)-162-16ITS Conduit Bore and Steel Casing Details (2 of 2)PDF Icon its(28)-16.dgn
254ITS(29)-225-22ITS Conduit Hanger DetailsPDF Icon its(29)-22.dgn
255ITS(30)-162-16Structure Mounted ITS ConduitPDF Icon its(30)-16.dgn
256ITS(31)-162-16Parapet Mounted ITS Conduit and Transition Box DetailPDF Icon its(31)-16.dgn
257ITS(32)-162-16Expansion / Deflection JointPDF Icon its(32)-16.dgn
258ITS(33)-162-16ITS Conduit Transition at AbutmentPDF Icon its(33)-16.dgn
259ITS(34)-162-16ITS Conduit RiserPDF Icon its(34)-16.dgn
260ITS(35)-162-16ITS Conduit Obstruction CrossingPDF Icon its(35)-16.dgn
261ITS(36)-162-16Typical ITS Device Site LayoutPDF Icon its(36)-16.dgn
262ITS(37)-2210-22ITS Ground Box Details Type "1" with Steel Cover (1 of 2)PDF Icon its(37)-22.dgn
263ITS(38)-175-17ITS Ground Box Details Type "1" with Steel Cover (2 of 2)PDF Icon its(38)-17.dgn
264ITS(39)-162-16ITS Ground Box Details Type "2" with Steel Cover (1 of 2)PDF Icon its(39)-16.dgn
265ITS(40)-175-17ITS Ground Box Details Type "2" with Steel Cover (2 of 2)PDF Icon its(40)-17.dgn
266ITS(41)-162-16ITS Ground Box Polymer ConcretePDF Icon its(41)-16.dgn
267ITS(42)-162-16ITS Fiber Optic Cable Miscellaneous Details (1 of 2)PDF Icon its(42)-16.dgn
268ITS(43)-162-16ITS Fiber Optic Cable Miscellaneous Details (2 of 2)PDF Icon its(43)-16.dgn
269ITS(44)-162-16ITS Fiber Optic Cable Aerial Installation Details(1 of 2)PDF Icon its(44)-16.dgn
270ITS(45)-162-16ITS Fiber Optic Cable Aerial Installation Details(2 of 2)PDF Icon its(45)-16.dgn
RSE-21 (5 sheets)PDF Icon RSE-21.pdf
271RSE(1)-211-21Roadside Equipment System Architecture (Access Controlled)PDF Icon rse(1)-21.dgn
272RSE(2)-211-21Roadside Equipment System Architecture (Non-Access Controlled)PDF Icon rse(2)-21.dgn
273RSE(3)-211-21Roadside Equipment ITS Pole Installations (Access Controlled)PDF Icon rse(3)-21.dgn
274RSE(4)-211-21Roadside Equipment OSB-COSS-MS Installations (Access Controlled)PDF Icon rse(4)-21.dgn
275RSE(5)-211-21Roadside Equipment Traffic Signal Pole & Mast Arm Installations (Non-Access Controlled)PDF Icon rse(5)-21.dgn