Border Trade Advisory Committee

Dante GaleazziDante Galeazzi

President/CEO - Texas International Produce Association

Galeazzi’s long history with production agriculture has made him the ideal candidate as a representative for the industry. He grew up in a small rural community and worked on his family farm at an early age.

Following college, he worked for an international transportation company with a focus on refrigerated and perishable transportation. Eventually, he worked for regional grower-shipper-importers in a wide range capacity including roles with sales, operations, grower relations, special projects and promotion.

In 2017, Galeazzi was hired as president and CEO of Texas International Produce Association (TIPA) and now represents the fresh produce sector with regards to advocacy, marketing & promotion, trade interests, and issue resolution including long term industry needs.

TIPA is a collective of shippers, growers, distributors, importers, transportation, packaging, and a host of other allied industries in the fresh produce supply chain. The association was formed with the purpose of representing the business, economic, and political interests of fruits and vegetables grown, handled or shipped through the state of Texas. TIPA represents 250 members in Texas and Mexico.