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Road working construction crew

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Road working construction crew
Road construction project

Community feedback is vital to developing effective solutions. TxDOT is committed to working with local leaders and the public to develop and implement solutions that address congestion and create more reliable travel times.

Do you telecommute, work nontraditional hours, use public transit, carpool, bicycle, or walk to work? We want your input! Tell us how you or your employer help reduce traffic congestion in your community.

You can help

TxDOT recognizes that building roads is only one way to address traffic congestion. We cannot solve the problem alone—it’s going to take teamwork and participation from everyone.

Commute alternatives

Individuals, communities, and businesses across the state are figuring out how to make their—and your—commute easier and quicker through alternative solutions such as:


Workplaces can provide transit passes, van- and car-pool subsidies, or even cash in place of free parking to encourage their employees to take public transportation to work. Many employers also offer transit savings accounts that allow employees to buy public transportation passes tax-free.

Some cities, counties, and municipalities offer tax breaks and incentives to encourage businesses to offer these benefits to employees. Having a happier and less stressed-out workforce with extra money in their pockets is its own incentive.

Flexible work hours and telecommuting

When everyone’s workday begins at the same time, everyone commutes at the same time. But when employers offer telecommuting or flexible work schedules, it means fewer vehicles on the roads and at peak rush hours. Many employers are finding that flexible work schedules can even provide better coverage for their customers.

Health and fitness programs

Health and fitness programs aren’t just good for employees’ health–they’re good for their commute, too! Walking or bicycling to work saves money and burns calories.

We want to hear from you!

Let us know how you, your business, or your community are contributing to congestion relief. These stories will be reviewed and shared as a regular reporting feature of this website. You can also send a message to share an idea or concern.