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The Cost of Congestion

The nationwide cost of gridlock decreased by 47% in 2020.*
Hours of lost time per commuter nationwide decreased by 50% in 2020.*
The nationwide cost of traffic delay per commuter decrease by 48% in 2020.*
*Source: Texas Transportation Institute, 2021 Urban Mobility Report

See Projects Addressing Congestion in:

Fort Worth
San Antonio

What TxDOT is Doing

TxDOT is addressing gridlock for Texas drivers statewide.
We're putting Texans and dollars to work by:
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Using Data to identify and prioritize congested roadways

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Working with local transportation leaders

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Developing critical projects to address congestion

What can I do to help?

Building roads is not the only way to address traffic congestion. And TxDOT cannot solve the problem alone - it's going ot take communities working together to address congestion.

Flexible Working Hours and Telecommuting
Flexible Working Hours and Telecommuting
When employers offer telecommuting of flexible work schedules, it means fewer cars on the roads.
Health and Fitness Programs
Health and Fitness Programs
Employees who can walk or bicycling to work burns calories — and save money.
Incentives Encourage Better Transportation
Incentives Encourage Better Transportation
From transit passes to car-pools, some cities, counties and municipalities offer tax breaks and incentives to businesses.