Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
51.58 2010


Minute Order 019237, Date 03/26/1942

From Imperial to a connection with SH 82 near Grand Falls. New Designation.

Minute Order 021215, Dated 06/11/1945 (Date of Agreement)

From SH 82 near Grand Falls to Imperial, and from SH 82, about 15 miles north of Ft. Stockton, northeast 8.0 miles to connect with the County Road to Imperial.  Added section from SH 82 north of Fort Stockton to connect with County Road to Imperial.

Minute Order 021749, Dated 02/20/1946, (Date of agreement 04/16/1946)

From junction SH 82 at Grand Falls via, imperial, and Abell City to a road intersection northeast of Buenavista (Pecos County). Section from SH 82 north of Ft. Stockton to county road to Imperial cancelled, Section from Grand Falls to Imperial extended southeastward via Abell City to a road intersection northeast of Buenavista.

Minute Order 025612, Dated 10/29/1948

From junction SH 82 at Grand Falls via Imperial, Abell City, to a point approximately 10.1 miles south of Buena Vista a total distance of anproximately 27.0 miles (Pecos County).  Extended southeastward approximately 10.1 mi. from Buena Vista.

Minute Order 026962, Dated 07/14/1949

From junction SH 82 at Grand Falls via Imperial and Abell City; thence southeastward toward Girvin, a distance of approximately 35.0 miles (Ward, Crane, and Pecos Counties).  Extended southeastward 8.0 miles.

Minute Order 030330, Dated 05/23/1951, Adm. Ord. 07/30/1951

From SH 18 at Grand falls southeastward via Imperial, Abell city and Girvin to US 290 at Bakersfield, a distance of approximately 53.1 miles. (Ward, Crane, and Pecos County).  Extended approximately 4.4 miles to end of FM 847. FM 847 cancelled and combined adding approximately 13.7 miles.

Minute Order 069834, Dated 03/31/1975; Adm. Circ.032-1975, Dated 04/15/75

From SH 18 at Grandfalls, southeastward via Imperial, Abell City, Girvin, and Bakersfield approximately 51.5 miles to IH 10. (Ward, Crane, and Pecos Counties)(New Description).  Beginning point redesignated as SH 18 instead of SH 82 and southern terminus extended approximately 0.5 miles from US 290 to IH 10.