Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
54.213 2010


Minute Order 019329, dated 04/29/1942

From an intersection with State Highway No. 29 near Lockhart to an intersection with US 290 west of Bastrop, a distance of approximately 27.0 miles.(Bastrop) New Designation.

Adm. Auth., Dated 04/18/1958 & 04/24/1958; Adm. Circ. 19-1958, dated 05/01/1958

From SH 71 west of Bastrop, southwestward to a point on US 183 at Lockhart; and from another point on US 183 at Lockhart, southwestward via Fentress to SH 123 north of Seguin, a total distance of approx. 54.3 miles. (Bastrop, Caldwell, and Guadalupe Counties)  FM 964 canceled & combined, adding approximately 14.0 miles. Section of FM 621 from present junction with FM 964 southwestward to SH 123 transferred to this FM, adding approximately 13.6 miles; a total increase of ap-proximately 27.6 miles Signing not to be changed until the 1959 Official Travel Map is released to the public.