Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
25.805 2010


Minute Order 021215, dated 06/27/1946 (date of agreement)

From Seymour eastward to England (Baylor County).  New Designation

Minute Order 042848, and 042849, dated 10/31/1957,  Adm. Cir. 001-1958, dated 01/01/1958

From Seymour, eastward via England Community to FM 210, a distance of approximately 26.8 miles. (Baylor and Archer Counties)  Extended eastward approximately 17.7 miles to FM 210.

Minute Order 114275, dated 05/28/2015

In the city of Seymour, a segment of FM 422 was removed from the state highway system from BU 183-B eastward along East Nevada Street and northward along North Stadium Drive to East Archer Road, a distance of approximately 1.0 miles. Jurisdiction, control and maintenance were transferred to the city of Seymoura. Additionally, a segment of FM 422 was extended on a new location east and north from BU 183-B at East California Street to and along East Archer Road to North Stadium Drive, a distance of approximately 0.8 mileb. (Baylor County)

  • a - Removal of Designation (Partial Route)
  • b - Rerouting (Partial Route): On Location of Off-System Roadway