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Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
2.021 2010


Minute Order 112091, dated 12/17/09; DesLtr 4-2009, dated 12/31/2009

In Pottsboro, from FM 120 southward and eastward to FM 1417, a distance of approximately 2.0 miles. (Grayson County) Segment from the end of maintenance at Cooks Corner Road and Willow Springs Road junction eastward to existing SS 316 transferred to FM 120, approximately 4.5 miles; concurrent designation with FM 120 from existing SS 316 eastward approximately 0.7 mile, removed.

Minute Order 025676, dated 11/23/1948

From SH 43 at Bivins southwestward to FM 125 at Kildare, a distance of approximately 6.6 miles. (Cass County)  New Designation.

Adm. Order, dated 05/06/1952

Canceled. (Cass County)  Mileage transferred to FM 24.

Adm. Auth., dated 12/05/1958, Adm. Cir., 028-1959, dated 02/15/1959

From FM 120 at Pottsboro southward and eastward  to FM 1417, a distance of approximately 2.0 miles. (Grayson County)  Mileage transferred from FM 131. (To remain signed as FM 131 until the date the 1960 Official Highway Travel Map is released to the public.)

Minute Order 054396, dated 05/06/1964; Adm. Cir., 091-1964, dated 08/01/1964

From FM 1417 westward and northward to FM 120 at Pottsboro; and from another point on FM 120 at Pottsboro, westward, a total distance of approx. 6.4 miles. (Grayson County)  Section from FM 120 westward approximately 4.6 miles added.