Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
8.066 2010


Minute Order 027328, dated 05/22/1949

From FM 523 in Velasco to 0.2 mile south of Intracoastal Canal, a distance of approximately 3.5 miles. (Brazoria County)  New Designation

Adm. Ord., dated 01/12/1955

From FM 523 in Velasco to and including the Intracoastal Canal Bridge, a distance of approximately 3.6 miles.
(Brazoria County)  SH 332 transferred to this FM route.

Minute Order 036667, dated 09/27/1954, Adm. Cir. 046-1954, dated 10/15/1954

From FM 523 northeast of Velasco, southeastward to a road intersection a distance of approximately 3.7 miles. (Brazoria County)  Modified to describe change of terminus and complete relocation.

Minute Order 036707, dated 09/29/1954, Adm. Cir. 050-1954, Adm. Auth., dated 10/15/1954

From FM 521 northeast of Brazoria, southeastward to SH 288 at Clute, and from another point on SH 288 southeast of Clute, southeastward to a road intersection east of Velasco, a distance of approximately 18.7 miles. (Brazoria County)  Extended from FM 523 northwestward to SH 288 southeast of Clute, adding approximately 3.4 miles.   FM 1605 canceled and combined adding approximately 11.6 miles.

Minute Order 040791, dated 10/24/1956, Adm. Cir. 046-1956, dated 11/01/1956

Canceled. (Brazoria County)  Redesignated SH 332 (system transfer).  (To become effective upon the date that the 1957 Official Travel Map is released to the public.)

Minute Order 044971, dated 10/31/1958, Adm. Cir. 008-1959, dated 01/01/1959

From Georgetown southward to US 79 east of Round Rock, a distance of approximately 8.7 miles. (Williamson County)  New Designation

Minute Order 101588, dated 10/29/1992, Des. Ltr. 03-1993, dated 05/10/1993

From SH 29 in Georgetown, southward approximately 8.7 miles to US 79 in east Round Rock, and from another point on FM 1460 at Quail Valley Drive, westward approximately 0.8 mile to its junction with BI 35-M and FM 2243, a total distance of approximately 9.5 miles. (Williamson County) Section of approximately 0.8 mile added, from FM 1460 at Quail Valley Drive, westward to BI 35-M and FM 2243 (proposed realignment).  Location of FM 1460, from Quail Valley Drive northward to SH 29, to be returned to the city of Georgetown for maintenance and jurisdiction upon completion of the realignment.