Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
33.047 2010


Minute Order 027735, dated 11/30/1949

From US 69 in Lone Oak northeastward to the Hopkins County Line, a distance of approximately 5.5 miles. (Hunt County) New Designation

Minute Order 033296, dated 12/17/1952, Adm. Auth., dated 11/16/1953

From US 69 in Lone Oak, eastward via Miller Grove, Arbala, to Reilly Springs, a distance of approximately 27.4 miles. (Hurt and Hopkins Counties) Extended approximately 7.0 miles, closing two gaps, one from Hunt/Hopkins County Line eastward to FM 275 for approximately 3.7 miles, the other from SH 19 eastward for approximately 3.3 miles.  FM 1597, FM 1716 and FM 1720 canceled and combined, adding approximately 6.1, 3.6, and 5.6 miles, respectively.

Minute Order 044831, dated 10/31/1958, Adm. Cir. 008-1959, dated 01/01/1959

From US 69 in Lone Oak, eastward via Miller Grove to SH 19, and from another point on SH 19, southeastward via Arbala to SH 154 south of Seymore, and from another point on SH 154 at Seymore, northeastward via Reilly Springs to SH 11 approximately 2.0 miles west of Como, a total distance of approximately 31.7 miles. (Hunt and Hopkins Counties)   Redescribed to show breaks in route at SH 19 and SH 154. Extended from Reilly Springs to SH 11, adding approximately 5.0 miles.