Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
32.332 2010


Minute Order 027749, dated 11/30/1949, Adm. Cir. 020-1950

From a road intersection 3.0 miles west of the north end of FM 119, 6.0 miles north of the Moore County Line, eastward, northward, and eastward to the Hansford County Line, a distance of approximately 19.0 miles. (Sherman County)  New Designation

Minute Order 031433, dated 12/18/1951

From FM 289 west of Gruver southward and westward to a road intersection, a distance of approximately 24.6 miles. (Hansford and Sherman Counties) (New Description)  Extended approximately 5.6 miles to FM 289.

Minute Order 033415, dated 12/17/1952

From US 287 eastward and northward to FM 289 west of Gruver, a distance of approximately 32.8 miles. (Sherman and Hansford Counties)  Extended approximately 17.8 miles westward to US 87.

Minute Order 056555, dated 09/01/1965, Adm. Cir. 047-1967, dated 05/15/1967

From US 287, eastward and northward approximately 32.3 miles to SH 15 west of Gruver. (Sherman and Hansford Counties)   Redescribed due to FM 289 transferred to SH 15.