Highway Designation File

Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Current Description-Effective Date-Authority

Certified Mileage (Open to Traffic)
25.415 2010


Minute Order 031318, dated 11/20/1951

From SH 25 southwestward to US 287 in Electra, a distance of approximately 1.0 mile. (Wichita County)  New Designation

Minute Order 035705, dated 02/25/1954

Canceled. (Wichita County)  Mileage transferred to SH 25 as a relocation section.

Minute Order 036727, dated 09/29/1954, Adm. Cir. 046-1954, dated 10/15/1054, Minute Order 036745, dated 09/29/1954

From US 180 south of McCaulley southeastward to FM 126 at Noodle, a distance of approximately 19.1 miles. (Fisher and Jones Counties) New Designation

Minute Order 041054, dated 11/21/1956, Adm. Cir. 001-1957, dated 01/01/1957

From US 180 south of McCaulley, southeastward and northeastward via Noodle to FM 707, a distance of approximately 26.0 miles. (Fisher and Jones Counties)   Extended northeastward approximately 8.5 miles.