2014 English Special Specifications to Items 1000 - 1999 Earthwork and Landscape (All)

SS1011  PDF  RTF  Pressure Irrigation Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) - For project 0039-17-180 in Hidalgo County. Furnish and install ductile iron pipe (DIP) for a pressure irrigation pipe system of the size, type, and dimensions shown on the plans required to complete the work. One-Time Use.
SS1010  PDF  RTF  Decorative Landscape Paving - For project 0072-14-030, 0678-01-033, 0910-16-135, 0910-42-041 in Kendall, Rusk, Smith, Uvalde Counties. Install decorative landscape paving as shown on the plans or as directed. One-Time Use.
SS1009  PDF  RTF  Monument Sign and Decorative Rock - For project 0200-02-031, 0906-32-049 in Angelina, Midland Counties. Remove and relocate existing Monument Sign(s) and Decorative Rock at locations shown on the plans. One-Time Use. Special Provisions exist.
SS1008  PDF  RTF  Pressure Irrigation PVC Pipe - Furnish and install polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe for a pressure irrigation pipe system. Districtwide Use. Pharr District.
SS1007  PDF  RTF  Irrigation Wells, Gates, and Valves - Furnish and install irrigation wells, gates, and valves as shown on the plans or as directed. Districtwide Use. Pharr District.
SS1006  PDF  RTF  Landscape Soil Amendment - Install landscape soil amendment as shown on the plans or as directed. Statewide Use.
SS1005  PDF  RTF  Loose Aggregate for Groundcover - Install loose aggregate for groundcover. (2004 SS 1016) Statewide Use.
SS1004  PDF  RTF  Tree Protection - Install tree protection as shown on the plans or as directed. (2004 SS 1018) Statewide Use.
SS1003  PDF  RTF  Transplant Plant Material - Transplant plant material. (2004 SS 1012) Statewide Use.
SS1002  PDF  RTF  Landscape Amenity - Install landscape amenity. (2004 SS 1014) Statewide Use.
SS1000  PDF  RTF  Landscape Maintenance - Perform landscape maintenance services. Clean and sweep paved parking areas. (2004 SS1004) Districtwide Use. Houston District, Beaumont District. Special Provisions exist.

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