2014 English Special Specifications for Tyler - District 10 (All)

SS5056  PDF  RTF  Impermeable Liner - For project 0253-04-146, 0910-12-066 in Bexar, Van Zandt Counties. Furnish and install impermeable geomembrane liner. One-Time Use.
SS3028  PDF  RTF  Frictional Asphaltic Surface Preservation Treatment - For project 0009-13-163, 0009-18-020, 0052-04-050, 0072-01-054, 0079-05-057, 0095-07-059, 0112-01-018, 0144-05-043, 0249-08-041, 0550-02-038, 3136-01-015, 6300-99-001, 6309-84-001, 6321-10-001, 6331-00-001 in Calhoun, Erath, Gillespie, Hopkins, Hunt, Jack, Lamb, Liberty, Palo Pinto, Travis, Van Zandt, Victoria Counties. Provides for applying of a surface preservation treatment consisting of one or more applications of a single layer of asphaltic and aggregate material. One-Time Use.
SS1010  PDF  RTF  Decorative Landscape Paving - For project 0678-01-033, 0910-16-135, 0910-42-041 in Rusk, Smith, Uvalde Counties. Install decorative landscape paving as shown on the plans or as directed. One-Time Use.

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