Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program

Statewide Transportation Enhancement Project Examples
Category 1: Provision of Facilities for Pedestrians and Bicycles
  • New or reconstructed sidewalks, walkways, and curb ramps.
  • Bike lane stripping, wide paved shoulders, bike lockers and bike parking.
  • Off-road, multi-use trails with logical connections.
  • Non-vehicular bridges and underpasses.

Example Project #1

Project Name: Waco Suspension Bridge & Trail

Location: City of Waco

Project Description: Built in 1870, this was the first permanent bridge crossing over the Brazos River. The work performed preserved the structural integrity of the bridge and improved its appearance.

District or Division: Waco District

Federal Funds: $320,000

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View of trail and suspension bridge Overlook of trail and rehabilitated pedestrian/bicycle suspension bridge.
View of trail with concrete surface The trail provides a concrete surface and is ADA accessible.
Pedestrian trail as it runs along the riverfront Pedestrian trail as it runs along the Brazos Riverfront, with built-in rest bench and landscaping.
The metal truss suspension bridge The metal truss suspension bridge, constructed in 1870 and listed as a National Historic Landmark, has been rehabilitated for pedestrian and bicycle use.

Example Project #2

Project Name: Holliday Creek Hike and Bike Trail, Phase 1, 2, and 3 and Riverwalk Bridge Project

Location: City of Wichita Falls

Project Description: The Holliday Creek Hike and Bike Trail Project consists of segments of a bicycle/pedestrian facility that will ultimately form a loop around the City of Wichita Falls, providing neighborhoods, businesses, parks, schools and roadways throughout the city access for an alternative means of transportation. These projects were selected for funding under three program calls and will link to trails the city has already completed. Once finished, the entire loop of trails will run a distance of approximately 27 miles. Connecting the trails near the Civic Center is the Riverwalk Bridge constructed with funding approved in the first call for projects.

District or Division: Wichita Falls District

Federal Funds: (Total of four projects), $2,294,712

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Riverwalk bridge during construction The Riverwalk Bridge during construction. The bridge connects bike trails, convention center, and faire grounds.
Completed trail and bridge Same section of trail with completed bridge and landscaping.
Phase one of the trail Phase I of the cross-town Holliday Creek trail. All phases of the trail will be constructed of concrete and meet ADA standards.
Phase two of the trail Phase II of trail, complete with landscaping and pedestrian amenities such as shaded benches and trash receptacles.

Example Project #3

Project Name: Downtown Mineola Streetscape

Location: City of Mineola

Project Description: In an effort to revitalize and beautify the town, the City of Mineola proposed to reconstruct sidewalks and curbs to provide easier and safer access, improve crosswalks, and add period lighting to brighten up the downtown historic district. Efforts included bringing facilities up to meet standards of the American with Disabilities Act.

District or Division: Tyler District

Federal Funds: $175,000

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Sidewalks, curbs, and streets before rehab Before rehab - Sidewalks, curbs, and streets are in need of restoration as shown adjacent to this historic building in the same condition.
Same shot after rehab work After rehab - Pedestrian sidewalks, crosswalks and demarcations were added to provide for pedestrian safety as well as improve appearance.
Sidewalks before rehab work Before rehab - High multi-stepped curbs and deteriorated sidewalks provided many challenges.
Sidewalks after rehab work After rehab - The creative treatment of sidewalks and curb rehabilitation, plus the addition of period lighting and landscaping give Mineola a new persona.

Example Project #4

Project Name: San Angelo Pedestrian Mallway

Location: City of San Angelo

Project Description: This project was for the construction of a pedestrian/bicycle path to connect the city's transit terminal with the downtown area and to provide access to the river walk along the Concho River.

District or Division: San Angelo District

Federal Funds: $192,000

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Pedestrian railroad crossing The project included a pedestrian and bicycle railroad crossing to promote safety and provide access to the outdoor mall.
Water cooling station A water cooling station helps to beat the heat in this innovative paver designed walkway.
Overall view of pedestrian mall Creative designing and colorful pavers add to the aesthetic appeal of this project that connects the city's transit terminal with downtown attractions.

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