Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program

Statewide Transportation Enhancement Project Examples

Category 12: Establishment of Transportation Museums

  • Construction of new buildings or rehabilitation of existing facilities to house exhibits that were instrumental in the development of the surface transportation system.

Example Project #1

Project Name: Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railroad Depot Museum

Location: City of Quanah

Project Description: Exterior restoration of the1909 Quanah Depot was performed to make this building useable as a historic transportation museum. The major areas of work were the exterior stucco, clay tile roofing and windows.

District or Division: Childress District

Federal Funds: $177,603

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Front view of Depot The circa 1909 Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railroad Depot is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
Exterior restoration Exterior restoration of this Spanish Colonial Revival style building was performed to preserve the significant structure to be used as a museum.
Restoration included replacing gypsum sheeting, stucco, red roof tiles Restoration included replacing gypsum sheeting, stucco, red roof tiles and painting as well as removing the newer aluminum windows to change them back to the original style.
The building's front bays The building's four bays form a cross pattern, creating a two-story rotunda area at their center crossing; the entrance is shown with a covered arched portico.

Example Project #2

Project Name: Marshall Depot, Phase 1 and 2

Location: City of Marshall

Project Description: The Marshall Depot, originally constructed in 1912 as the Texas and Pacific Railroad Depot, virtually sat abandoned for the last 14 years until restoration efforts were made by local citizens to save the building from demolition. Applying for Enhancement Program matching funds twice, the City of Marshall undertook restoration efforts to fully restore the depot for current use as: a transportation museum depicting local railroad history; an active Amtrak ticket office with waiting room; community meeting space with offices for related activities; and a souvenir shop. Not only did the city's efforts pay-off for the depot, additional restoration projects have been inspired by its undertaking. To find out more about the depot visit the Marshall station website.

District or Division: Atlanta District

Federal Funds: (Total of two projects) $1,048,400

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Marshall's Texas & Pacific Railroad Depot Marshall's Texas & Pacific Railroad Depot is the last of the railroads original 57 major buildings that included a roundhouse, shops, and company warehouses.
Model exhibit showing the rail yard The three-story depot now houses a transportation museum on the second floor complete with model exhibit showing the rail yard as it used to look with all its structures.
Close-up of model exhibit showing the rail yard Entrance to the 7,500-sq. ft. depot, located in the middle of a railroad wye as shown in the model, is through a tunnel built under the tracks to provide safe access.
Amtrak ticket office inside Depot Prior to renovation only the depot platform was still in use; now Amtrak has a ticket office on the first floor of the depot where patrons may again wait in safety and comfort.

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