State Let Construction Contracts May, 2021

Last Update: Monday, May 03, 2021

Bid Tabulations Dashboard

Use this interactive Tableau dashboard to display bidding information on projects let through statewide and local district letting for the past 24 months.

The Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD), the Electronic Bidding System, and the project proposal are the official sources of advertisement and bidding information for the State and Local Lettings. Bidders should bid the project using the information found therein, including any addenda. These sources take precedence over information from other sources, including TxDOT webpages, which are unofficial and intended for informational purposes only.

Proposal Information

• Click the PDF icon for an informational proposal. The informational proposal cannot be used to bid.

Contractors prequalified under the BIDDER's QUESTIONAIRE are eligible to bid ONLY on waived(W) contracts.
*F = Federal, W = Waived, M = Materials
Angelina2589-01-023FM 2497FPDF Icon5,943
Angelina0911-00-108VAFPDF Icon361
Baylor0133-05-030SH 114FPDF Icon778
Bee0100-13-027BU 181JFPDF Icon1,125
Bexar0073-12-015US 181PDF Icon12,566
Bexar0915-00-202VAPDF Icon636
Bexar0915-00-200VAPDF Icon639
Chambers1464-01-018FM 1663FPDF Icon857
Chambers0389-02-048SH 146FPDF Icon256
Cherokee0191-02-068US 69FPDF Icon752
Collin0135-02-063US 380FPDF Icon966
Collin0047-06-170US 75PDF Icon1,900
Comal0511-02-026RM 32FPDF Icon979
Comanche0182-02-046SH 36FPDF Icon3,078
Dallas2374-03-074IH 20FPDF Icon2,426
Dallas0009-02-067SH 78FPDF Icon6,019
Dallas0918-00-326VAPDF Icon2,145
Ector2224-01-120SL 338FPDF Icon1,057
Ector0229-01-046US 385FPDF Icon5,571
Edwards0830-01-021RM 335PDF Icon1,762
El Paso2551-01-011FM 1905FPDF Icon3,215
El Paso0002-02-055SH 20FPDF Icon2,592
Fannin1487-01-008FM 1552PDF Icon1,641
Fayette0026-02-037US 90FPDF Icon3,013
Gregg0138-16-006US 259FPDF Icon1,801
Hall0042-09-124US 287PDF Icon11,946
Harris0050-06-094BU 290HFPDF Icon118
Harris0508-01-381IH 10PDF Icon704
Harrison0919-03-063CSFPDF Icon121
Harrison0919-03-062CSFPDF Icon547
Harrison0495-08-121IH 20FPDF Icon699
Hill0209-06-040FM 933FPDF Icon78
Hudspeth0002-05-048IH 10FPDF Icon4,789
Hudspeth0002-10-038IH 10FPDF Icon6,492
Jefferson0932-02-052FM 365FPDF Icon1,813
Jefferson0028-06-083US 90FPDF Icon5,019
Lamar0435-01-080FM 38FPDF Icon1,972
Lampasas0231-01-057US 190PDF Icon367
Liberty0920-02-096VAFPDF Icon390
Matagorda2524-01-011FM 2611FPDF Icon2,827
McLennan0055-15-072US 84FPDF Icon10,622
Medina0915-45-055CRFPDF Icon443
Midland0887-01-039FM 307FPDF Icon5,451
Nacogdoches0118-08-076SH 21FPDF Icon5,795
Navarro0995-01-026FM 637FPDF Icon2,418
Nueces0916-00-216VAPDF Icon1,654
Presidio0020-08-046US 67FPDF Icon2,485
Randall0168-09-181IH 27FPDF Icon26,010
Red River0045-12-089BU 82-JFPDF Icon75
Red River0046-01-068US 82FPDF Icon82
Sabine0694-01-031FM 83FPDF Icon932
San Patricio0074-05-098IH 37FPDF Icon88,967
Smith0245-05-051SH 64FPDF Icon394
Smith0165-02-065US 271FPDF Icon12,528
Stephens0404-02-036US 183FPDF Icon6,433
Stonewall0032-07-036US 83FPDF Icon3,752
Swisher0067-02-071IH 27FPDF Icon3,360
Tarrant0902-90-111VAPDF Icon2,215
Taylor0908-33-100VAPDF Icon198
Tom Green0907-00-223VAFPDF Icon1,122
Travis0152-01-080US 183PDF Icon3,170
Travis0914-00-455VAPDF Icon1,388
Wichita0043-08-085US 287FPDF Icon3,319